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Sometimes creating a lead magnet can be super simple.


If you already have plenty of products this one is for you. Let’s look at how you can create the simplest monetized lead magnet of all. Coupons.

You can create coupons that offer a discount off the first month, off the entire thing, or off shipping costs if it’s a physical product. It’s up to you and its super easy to do if you use a good shopping cart that allows you to create coupon codes.


The reason coupons work so well are:


They’re Easy to Distribute

If you use a good shopping cart system you can easily create coupon codes that make it simple. You can make special codes for different affiliates, for different platforms you promote on (for example you can create different codes for Facebook vs. Twitter), and they can be in many forms including digital, print, or popups. 


They Generate New Customers

When someone wants to try you out the first time they’re much more likely to do it if they have a coupon code especially if that coupon code feels special and not generic to the world. For example, giving one of your best affiliates a special coupon code can help them market to their customers as VIPs making them feel special. 


Coupons Reduce Purchasing Stress

When anyone wants to buy something but truly is worried about spending the money getting a coupon code will send them over the edge to make that purchase. And remember, once you get them on your list you can promote other things to them as well. 


Coupons Make Shoppers More Likely to Buy

Ever wonder why coupons and loyalty points are so important to retailers? They work. The customers who do use coupons, or points, tend to buy a lot more than those who don’t use them or can’t use them because they don’t exist. The funny side effect is these customers buy more even when they don’t have a coupon at the time just because they had a coupon in the past, so it carries over to future purchasing behavior too.


Coupons are Simple to Create 

Most shopping carts have an easy to use coupon creation process. Whether you use,, or another shopping cart platform the ability to use coupons is usually integrated and simple to set up. Then you can get your graphic designer (or use to create a beautiful coupon to give out at live events, show off in a blog post, or send via email marketing messages. 


If you’re at a loss right now about how to create any other type of lead magnet this is an effective go-to choice for a lead magnet that you should implement.

You don’t have to give away the farm with the coupon but do give a decent discount that makes them take notice so that they’ll be more likely to use it.

Consider making specialized coupons for different events both online and offline to get the word out about your products and solutions. 


What are 3 ways you can use the coupon idea?



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