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A lot of online business owners don't actually check the stats from their website. It seems overwhelming or confusing and they simply don't know where to start. 

But, once you’ve been blogging for a while you’ll start collecting analytics that can help you create amazing products in the future.

The right analytics can show you who your audience is, identify what they want, and give insight into how to provide that so that you can keep them. Using analytics like Google Analytics or other similar tools will help you find out what content is most popular so that you can use it as inspiration for future information products.

It's fairly easy.


Pick a Time Frame

The first thing you want to do is determine the time period in which you want to find your most popular content on your website. You can set your start date and end date to view what pages on your site got the most views. It’s best to pick a longer time frame at least the last year to get the best results.

In Google Analytics follow this path > Behavior > Site Content > All Pages within your chosen time frame. You’ll end up with a report showing the page views for each page on your site. 


Pick the Top 5 Results 

Now that you see which content is most popular during the time frame you chose, you should also read the content. In the top 5 results is any of the content outdated? Can it be updated? What makes it popular? Are there questions that can be answered through an information product? Is the content complete? Can it be combined to create a new product?


Check Engagement

You want to also check to see if there is any engagement on the popular content. How many times was it shared? Where was it shared? Are there comments? A good way to determine if people did more than just click on the page is to look at the time on the page. If people are spending a good amount of time on that page, then it’s likely it has more engagement. This can be found here: Comparisons > Avg. Time on Page.


Check Demographics

Using this information can help you know what themes your audience is most interested in so that you can develop future products based on that topic. What’s more, you can use the information in Google Analytics to find out more information about the demographics of the people who look at those popular pages. 

Knowing viewer demographics will help you create a better customer profile or persona so that you’ll know exactly for who you’re creating your new product. It will help you design better sales pages, create more targeted content, and let you know what’s working on your website and what’s not working. 

Creating information products with and about your most popular content will ensure that your promotions are successful. Your audience will literally think you can read their mind since you deliver exactly what they want when they want it.


Tomorrow we'll explore other ways to come up with great ideas,

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