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Every time you create a new information product, you create the desire for even more information due to the laser-focused information you create for the product.

There's always a point that you can expand on to create the next information product. For example, almost every single post in this 30 post series can be expanded to be even more specific for an entirely new product.


Let’s look at some examples of how we can expand on different types of information products that you may have already created.

  • 101 Ways to Get More Traffic – This report has 101 opportunities for new courses or information products. Each type of way to get more traffic can be expanded on to create a brand-new information product. 
  • 7 Reasons to Go Vegan – This report has 7 chances to create a whole report about the different reasons to go vegan.
  • 10 Ways to Get Your Emails Opened – Again, there are 10 opportunities for more laser-focused information products.  


An Overview Post Or Product

Anything that has an overview quality can be taken down deeper into the information to expand on the idea or point. Even a blog post, if it has any subheaders is fodder for another blog post that expands on one of the subheader points. 


Review Questions 

A way to find out what you need to expand on within any information product you already have created (or blog series) is to review the questions and comments you’ve received regarding the info product or blog post. Often there is a clue there about where you can laser target the next information product for your audience. 


Read Points

When you have an information product with a lot of points or steps almost every point or step is an opportunity to go deeper and get more specific. For example, if you are a weight loss coach there are numerous reasons people gain weight and each of those offers an opportunity to create a new product. 


Go Deep Not Wide

In most cases, if you look at the content you’ve already created it likely covers a wide variety of information to attract your audience. But, if you go deeper instead of wider, you can laser focus on an issue that will help solidify your relationships with your existing audience. These are information products that you want to market to previous buyers.


Focus on Only One Goal

To create this type of content you want to focus only on one goal. For example, instead of teaching 101 ways to get more traffic, go deep by expanding on getting traffic with Facebook Ads or with better SEO. 


Digging deeper and being more specific with your information products is a great way to give more in-depth information to customers who have already bought from you.


Tomorrow we'll talk about how to make your old stuff look totally new again.  

See you then,

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