Writing effective copy for content marketing and sales pages (as well as any other type of content that you create) requires you to understand your audience, your products and services, and your competition. By knowing which terms, tone, and language to use you can establish your expertise with your audience in a very real and lasting way.


Show That You Know What You’re Talking About – You want to be careful about appearing too above your audience, but you do want to demonstrate in a way that they’ll appreciate that you know what you’re talking about. The best way to do this is to show them by what you’ve accomplished.


Mention Your Experience – When you are writing or talking weave your experience throughout the story of the solution for your audience. For example, if you were once where they are, beginners, then mention that. Just be sure to relate everything to the audience and not talk too much about yourself in an unrelated way.


Demonstrate Your Knowledge – A good way to show that you know what you’re talking about is to demonstrate your knowledge by showing proof of your accomplishments and how you did it. For example, if you have before and after pictures, testimonials, and other examples to add that will help a lot.


Provide Additional Insight – Sometimes you might want to go deeper with the information you provide. Maybe there is a back story before today that is important to share. Maybe you made mistakes, but you figured it out. That’s always good to show that you relate to them more.


Align Your Vocabulary With Your Audience’s – When you talk about anything whether print or by voice it’s imperative that you use the vocabulary that your audience uses. The reason is that you want the words you use to mean the same thing to them that they mean to you. That’s the only way to communicate clearly.


Show That You Respect & Value Your Audience – Never lie to your audience, don’t use hyperbole, and don’t blow smoke. Leave that for the nighttime ads on TV and used car salesmen. Instead, show your audience that you respect them and care about them and only want the best for them with your words and your actions.


Focus on Benefits Over Features – As you go through everything remember to focus on benefits over features and when you do mention a feature of a product always mention it in terms of their benefits to the user.


Working with your audience’s likes, dislikes, values, and preferences is the place to start with any type of content that you want to create for them. It doesn’t matter if its written, audio, or video everything starts with your audience’s needs, wants, and desires put first.

If you show them that you respect their knowledge, their ideas, and their lives and simply want to make everything better for them by offering ways to solve their problems with your solutions in an honest way you will have established expertise in their eyes.


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