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Your lead magnet is just the start of getting your audience into your funnel

Your funnel is the process you send your prospects through to turn them into paying customers. Think about it this way, if you’re looking for customers you want to attract them, nurture them, and then finally encourage them to make a purchase. Once they make a purchase they’re in an entirely new funnel that does the same thing. It nurtures them and encourages them to buy the next product and each funnel works progressively to encourage bigger and more purchases. 

The widest part of your funnel is where your lowest price product comes in to bring people into the funnel. For most, that lowest priced product is their lead magnet which is often free (although it can be monetized via links, upsells, or be a low-cost product itself).  


As your prospects go through your funnel their behavior will trigger your system to send them specific messages

For example, you market your free lead magnet: “How to Get Thin by Eating More” via social media and your affiliates. When a person grabs the freebie, they’re going to trigger a response from you via your autoresponder because they provided their information and opted in. Now they’ll get more information about the topic designed to encourage an action such as joining your membership community.


Once they then click to read more, or to buy something, or take the action you wanted them to take, they’ll be segmented to a different list that is designed to send messages to encourage another action on their part and this continues in a sort of loop depending on how many products and services you offer and how your prospect behaves. 


This process can be updated and upgraded whenever you want using the right software. If you use a system that helps you automate most of it like or along with landing page software it will be simple to accomplish. You can start out with one freebie, and one product, and add to the funnel as you create more while setting up the software to act as you desire. It sounds complicated but it’s not when you’ve picked the right software.


It can be as simple as creating one flagship product and one freebie to start


Put the freebie into your shopping cart as a free product with the flagship product as an upsell. If the person only downloads the freebie they’ll be subscribed to a list designed to nurture them and build a relationship with them while encouraging them to go back and buy that product. If they buy the product they’ll be put on a different list because they bought the product. As you create more products you can add more upsells, cross-sells, and solutions for your audience as you go. You don’t have to do it all in one day. 


You can then tweak the funnel as you move forward solving your target audience’s problems and testing different solutions


Using the idea of a membership community for losing weight while eating more:

You might first promote a freebie about that topic having the upsell as the membership. But if that isn’t getting conversions you might:

  • Change the upsell to something smaller like a 7-day menu plan
  • Then the upsell to that might be a 30-day monthly meal plan
  • Finally, you might promote the membership which is an all in one solution for them
  • Once they buy the membership they’ll be treated to the opportunity for one-on-one coaching from you.

If they don’t buy the membership you can still start promoting to them smaller meal plans and products that are in the membership, and again the upsell will be the membership for each of the smaller products.

It’s all automatic once you set it up to work that way and will work seamlessly in the background if you’re using the right software like

Once you set things up you can start testing and improving. You can test different types of ads, different wording, different colors even, it’s up to you as you move forward to test each aspect of your system and process until you’re getting the type of conversions that you want to have.


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