Creating Your Own Language for Your Tribe

As a leader in your niche, you have the advantage of influencing a lot of people. Because of that, you can create your own terms, nicknames, and acronyms for the ideas and things that you want to teach your audience. There are likely already terms in a specific niche that you should know for example SEO (search engine optimization) is a common term used in the internet marketing circles.


Some examples of created terms for a niche are:

Solopreneur – This term did not exist forever, believe it or not. It’s only been around in the 21st century and means a person who works for themselves, alone.

Homepreneur – Another 21st-century word that means a person who works for themselves from their home.

Mompreneur – 21st-century word that means a mom who works for herself.

Etsy – The founder of Etsy has stated, “I wanted a nonsense word that I could build a brand on.”

Craftsy – The founder of this knitting and crafting site just made up the word which is not yet in the dictionary, but they have a popular website nonetheless.


Some examples of marketing acronyms:

AIDA – This is a marketing acronym that stands for Attention, (or Awareness) Interest, Desire, and Action.

SEO – Search Engine Optimization.

BANT – Budget, authority, need, and time. These are known as the four criteria used to qualify a prospect.

BR – Bounce rate. This is for email delivery as well as website visits.

CPC – Cost per click. This is how much it cost you when someone clicks an advertisement often used in PPC (pay per click) advertising.


Some examples of coaching terms:

Discovery calls – Often the first call to a coach to get to know them and see if you’re a good fit.

Accountability – What a coach provides to their clients and also expects from their clients.

Life purpose – A very common way that coaches talk to help you
Some examples of photography terms:

Aperture – This has to do with the size of the opening of the camera lens.

Exposure – This has to do with the amount of light that gets into the lens.

Aspect Ratio – This is the ratio of the height to width of an image.


You get the picture. These acronyms, terms or nicknames that are given to things and ideas in different niches sometimes take on a life of their own.

That’s why it’s a good idea to try to create your own for your niche when you can. If you’re an authority in your niche there is no reason you can’t create your own terms and acronyms to describe something you want to get across to your audience.


If you do it and do it successfully, you’ll have a huge advantage because you’ll be known as the person who first uttered the words and it will solidify you as the go-to expert in your niche. Not only that, a nice acronym makes it a lot easier to teach your audience what they need to know to solve their problems just as easily as a good acronym can also teach your kids the order of operations in math.




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