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When you think about the different ways you market your products it’s important to identify the subsets of your audience too

If you have affiliates or JV partners they are an entirely different subset of your audience that you need to create separate lead magnets for so that they can use them to help promote you.

The way to differentiate when a lead magnet needs to be customized is to think about where the traffic is generated. 


  • Facebook Traffic – To create a lead magnet for Facebook Ads you’ll be marketing directly to your audience. You may need more than one lead magnet that differentiates subsets of individuals who may want your products and services. For example, if you have a membership site with videos of knitting lessons you may want to create different lead magnets for the levels of skill that your audience has and the lessons you offer. 


  • Affiliates – You’ll want to create custom lead magnets for your affiliates too. Make them more generic and editable by your affiliates (yet also usable as they are) so that they can promote freebies to their audience too and still get the credit for anything the traffic they send purchases. The more you can do for them the more likely they are to promote your products and services.  


  • JV Partners – It’s common for product creators to treat super affiliates extra special offering them even more access to inside information and marketing materials such as graphics, lead magnets, swipe files and more to help them market to their audience easily without having to work too hard at it. 


  • List Members – You can give lead magnets to your list members too. Let’s say you have a list of people who have opened emails but never made a purchase due to a lead magnet they downloaded a year ago. Instead of deleting them from your list try reactivating them by sending a brand-new freebie to them that will move them to another list if they act. 


  • Customers – Even when someone is already a customer and has bought from you in the past, it can help to send them a new lead magnet for the next level product you want to promote. For example, using the diet group idea if someone bought a 7-day menu plan, and is now a customer, you can still send them a new lead magnet offer for a free trial to your membership program or a grocery shopping guide that gets them interested about your other offerings. 


Don’t think that you must truly start fresh with each lead magnet


You don’t need to. But you do need to tweak and customize the lead magnet for each traffic source enough so that it’s clear which audience the lead magnet is for so that the marketing messages you send them via your email autoresponder makes sense to them and provides them with the information they need to make a purchasing choice. 


So, what are the different subsets of your market?

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