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When you want to sell digital information products you don’t need a warehouse, you don’t have to keep inventory, and selling additional products costs nothing.

There are just three things that you need so that you can sell an information product once you’ve created the product.


Shopping Cart

You need a shopping cart to process payments from your customers and help deliver your product.

There are many different choices today in terms of shopping carts. You can install a shopping cart like on your WordPress site, or you can use a cloud-based one like, or You can even start as simply as a PayPal button on your page.

The best way to choose which type of cart you want to use is to determine the features you want. For example, a shopping cart that also handles affiliates will be most helpful if you want to let other people promote your products. Plus, determine your technical capabilities and resources. For example, if you’re short on funds and have no idea how to use then you might want to try one of the other solutions. 

Once you choose the shopping cart that you’re going to use, educate yourself about how to use it so that you know how your sales page, download page, or thank you page work with the shopping cart. 


Sales Page

Create a sales page for every product whether it’s free or paid. The reason is that you can use these pages as not only a sales page but an email capture page too. If you’re using, for example, you can sell a product for free which will add people to the email list that you choose. 

A sales page can be long or short. It really depends on your audience, the product, and the cost of the product. The more your product costs the more you need a longer sales page. The sales page lists the benefits of having the information product to the buyer and then offers the customer a way to buy.

You can build your sales page simply by adding a page to your website manually, or you can use software such as, or 


Thank You / Download Page

A Download Page can also be a Thank You page.

On this page is where you’ll put the link for your buyer to download the item they purchased (or tells them it has been sent to their inbox). How this is done depends on the software or cart you are using.

A download page is optional but still a good idea because it gives you more real-estate to offer upsells and cross-sells to your buyers.

Your download page should congratulate them on their smart purchase and give them instructions for getting their purchase. In addition, link to other opportunities to buy more from you by asking them to check out your other related offerings that they might like.


Get into the habit of creating the sales page and the thank you / download page right away so you’ll have a lot less work to do when you add everything to your shopping cart system because it’s going to ask you for that information as it leads you through the process.


Tomorrow we'll talk about how to keep it simple and launch your first product.

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