How To Go From Existing Content To Finished Product

Don't overthink this. If you’ve ever written blog posts, you can easily create your first information product fast. In fact, you could be done in an hour after reading this. 


Start Simply

If you want to create an information product, start simply. If you've written even one blog series, that can be your first information product. Follow these steps to creating your first information product from existing content. 


Step #1: Analyze Current Blog Content

Go over your current blog content. Do you have a series? Do you have blog posts that can be combined to create a good information product? You’ll want to find at least ten blog posts that you can organize and turn into an eBook. 


Step #2: Organize the Content

When you find the blog posts that you think can make a good information product grab them by copying and pasting them into a Word Document. Put them into a logical order so that when your buyer reads it, it’ll make more sense. 


Step #3: Create Transitions

Once the blog posts are organized in your document, go through and add an introduction, transitions, and a conclusion with action steps for the reader. The idea is to make the content flow. Your introduction should tell them what you’re going to tell them within the information product. Transitions should happen between each new blog post so that they flow seamlessly. You may need to change some aspects of each post so that it flows and doesn’t repeat too much of the same information throughout the product.


Step #4: Make it Sexy

Now that you’ve essentially got the content in the document complete, you’ll want to edit it and format it to make it look great.

  • Go through the document
  • Add in images using legal stock images or your own images to make the information stand out
  • Highlight good quotes by adding a colorful box with a quote from the information
  • Add in the table of contents, checklists, cheat sheets, and any affiliate links for resources listed in the document
  • Now format it so it looks how you want it to look, then save it
  • After saving it, save it again as a PDF file
  • Create a cover image
  • Then load it into your shopping cart, or add a PayPal Button
  • Create a sales page
  • Finally, start promoting and selling it


It really is this easy. You can be done in about an hour from right now if you get started.


Next time we’ll talk about the different types of information products you can create from your existing content. Don’t worry, it’s easy.




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