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One of the best types of lead magnet is one that builds your list and makes you more money at the same time.

Well, guess what.

You can create a very sought-after lead magnet that is simply a list of valuable resources that everyone in your target audience needs.


There are whole websites designed with this idea in mind. But you can also create downloadable reports and booklets with the resources, services, and offers that your audience needs to solve their problems. 


When you become a recognized leader in any niche your readers will want to know what you use to do what you do. Create a resource list that is downloadable that goes through every single resource you use to do what you do including where you registered your domain name, which WordPress template you used, and you can even include a few “how to” directions for each resource to sweeten the pot. 


The lead magnet can be in report form and can be considered a Blueprint or Guide to XYZ that lists everything you did and do to run your business so that they can copy you. This can be a very profitable lead magnet if marketed to the right people who are interested in replication of what you do and your success. 

For example, if you’re a published author who wants to help others become published you can create a Blueprint or Guide to Becoming a Published Author. List everything you did to become published linking to all the resources you used.

Provide plenty of how to tips while linking to the resources using your affiliate link. You can sweeten the deal if you have a done for you service to add at the end of the blueprint. The beauty of this is that if you do it for them they’re still going to be buying those products that you’ve linked to which means you’ll earn money as an affiliate while also earning money for setting them up. That’s truly a win-win opportunity. 

Let’s say you teach a photography course. You could compile a list of the Top 10 Places to Sell Stock Photos along with a list of tools used to edit stock photos to make them salable. Another example that is great is let’s say your audience loves using private label rights content to fill out their content needs. 


You can create a list of awesome PLR content for sale that you trust and give it out as a freebie lead magnet. You’ll earn money from this repeatedly as your audience uses your list over and over to find the resources they need. 


The beauty of this idea is that it can work for any niche from photography, to coaching, to gardening and more. It honestly doesn’t matter. If you are in a niche that uses resources that have affiliate links to use, or you offer a done-for-you service, then you’re golden.


How can you create a guide that works as a lead magnet but also earns money for you every time anyone clicks and buys something? Start compiling your resource list.


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