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Finding more product ideas based on the content you already have is at your fingertips if you know where to look.

It doesn’t matter what niche you are in there are always product ideas that you can get directly from your customers based on what they’re buying and reading right now.


Here's How:

Analyze Current Content 

Using analytics software like Google Analytics find out what your most read blog posts are. What topics are they about?  Is the content deep or wide? If it’s deep can it be repurposed into an eCourse? If it’s wide can you take one point of the content and make it deeper? 


What’s Selling Now?

If you already sell products, what is selling now? If it’s wide content meaning it covers a large breadth of information about the topic is there a way to create new deeper, meaning more targeted and narrow, content from it? Is there a next step to the content that is selling? 


What Are They Buying from Your Competition?

If you’re following your competition (and you should be if you’re not) what are they selling? What are they promoting? What are they writing about that’s getting a lot of engagement? Without copying you can get ideas about information products that your audience wants by studying your competition. 


What Questions Is Your Audience Asking?

Any question you get about a product or about a topic is fodder for an information product. When they ask a question, look through content that you’ve already created or purchased in the form of PLR. If you do have some of the content already it’ll make creating the product much faster.


What Products Can Go Deeper?

When you seek to go deeper with the information you need to start with content that is broad. Look at the products you already have, which can be dug into a little deeper? For example, if you have an information product that describes 21 ways to get more traffic, which one of those 21 ways can be explored more explicitly. For example, if one idea is to use Facebook Ads do you have the expertise to expand on how to run Facebook Ads to get more traffic? 


Which Products Can Go Wide?

If you already sell products that are laser-focused on specific ways to do something, then you can always develop an overview product. For example, if you have a website that promotes a specific diet such as the low carb diet you can create an information product that includes all the reasons to eat low carb. That would give your audience a good overview. 


Get Organized 

To ensure that product creation goes smoothly it’s important to get organized. You can use old-fashioned paper notebooks, software like Evernote, and even Mindmaps to map out the information products you want to create. The important thing is to keep everything organized so it’s easy to work on it when you schedule it.


Creating content based information products doesn’t take long if you pay attention to the content you publish that’s doing well and getting good engagement on your website, comments on your social media networks, and even email responses. They are all ways to come up with information product ideas that will sell.


Okay, tomorrow we will go beyond these tips to find more hidden gold mines of content for your new product.

Join me then,

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