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Here’s a great idea for a powerful and effective lead magnet. One reason people don’t buy is due to internal objections that come up while they’re reading the information on the sales page. Sometimes you cannot address every objection on a sales page or it will be way too long. But, you can use another format to overcome objections and that is a lead magnet. 


Let’s look closer at this idea:

Think about your final offer and what you want them to buy, why they need to buy, then think about all the objections you already know. You may even survey your audience to find out what their objections are. You may also send a survey to people who have purchased your product or service and ask them if they can help you by telling you what their objections were prior to them making the smart buying choice. Any information you can get will help you come up with the information for the lead magnet. 

You can come up with a compelling title such as 100 Misconceptions About XYZ or Top 10 Myths About Facebook Advertising or whatever the product you’re promoting covers. 


Say you’ve got a membership site that helps people work from home using only their laptop and the internet. You could create a lead magnet called, Myths About Working from Home. Use it to address all the scary ideas people have about working from home from scams to boredom. 

Another example is let’s say you’re a website designer and you want to overcome the myths that using a builder like or is a good idea. You can create a lead magnet that covers why a self-hosted WordPress Website is Better than the builders. 


There are so many directions you can go with this type of lead magnet.

The above should give you plenty of ideas. The sad fact is that if you create a headline that is negative, people are more likely to look at it - that’s why this type of lead magnet will get downloads and convert since ultimately, it’s positive about your product or service and completely solution focused. 


To create this type of lead magnet you’ll need to find out the objections your prospects have about buying your paid product or using your service.


...Then simply word it in an entertaining way. Use examples of why the myths are wrong, why your product or service isn’t a problem, and why the objections they have are understandable but unfounded using stats, proof, and studies. 


This is a powerful lead magnet with many options and formats that it can take from a webinar to a report, to a video.

Give it a sexy title that gets their attention that warns them of the side effects of not having the right information such as “Read This Before You Buy Shopping Cart Software” if you sell some form of shopping cart software or even if you are an expert for a particular shopping cart software and you’re selling your services it works for either.


What holds your people back? How can you address their 'No's' in your giveaway?


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