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When you’re an expert in your niche and have a good amount of content and information products that are selling the next way you can earn more money with your content is to turn the content you have into coaching programs.


What is a Coaching Program?

At its core, a coaching program is personal access to you. Anytime you add in personal access you can charge a premium price in addition to whatever you’re charging for the information products that you sell.


There are two types of coaching, group coaching, and one-on-one coaching.

  • Group Coaching – Usually, group coaching occurs within the confines of a membership site. You can use software like, Facebook Groups, Webinars via, and specific to coaching software like to organize your group coaching content and access for your clients. 
  • One-on-One Coaching – One on one coaching is when you coach a client through a problem using webinar software like, Skype, Facebook video, or often, by telephone. The client gets a set amount of time with you one-on-one plus informational content from you directly related to the issue they need help with.


Turn How-To Content into Coaching Programs

The best content to use for coaching programs is how-to content. It can be specific, and it can be broad.

Note: Coaching is different from counseling though. Typically, a person hires a coach to help them with one issue such as overcoming money mindset issues, losing weight, parenting without pain, getting through a rough spot like divorce and so forth. 

Once the one issue is overcome, sometimes they move on to a new problem if it’s within the coach’s expertise or they find a new coach with the right expertise.


To turn your content into coaching programs, wade through it to find any information content you have that is narrowly focused on solving one problem. 

Expand on the information by creating assignments, worksheets, checklists, cheat sheets, and other information to help your coaching client work through the content and information you’ve provided.

Tip: Most people who hire coaches want step-by-step processes, so they can just plug and play. 


Separate the content into modules or weekly lessons with homework for your coaching clients. For example, if you offer a six week to branding your business program you’ll want to stretch the content over four weeks with the first and last week to be used for an overview of what to expect, and then a session about what to do next.

Send them a questionnaire prior to each coaching session if it’s in person, add the questionnaire to the group coaching platform if it’s automated group coaching.

The more things you can give them to physically do to follow your program the better.


Add Coaching Opportunities to Information Product Sales

One way to add coaching is to add it as an upsell for each information product that you sell.

Remember that when you price coaching it should be a lot more expensive than a basic information product. The reason is the time you spend. Group coaching can be less expensive than the one-on-one coaching, but in general, coaching is a high proceeds product that you can add to your funnel to increase the lifetime value of each customer you bring into your funnel. 


Coaching can be an upsell to people who have already bought from you, but it can also be a standalone product that you promote in addition to the rest of the content you create and promote.

It’s a simple way to radically increase your income and what’s really great is you’ll learn more from your audience. You’ll come up with new information products that are perfect for them because of your close relationship.


Next, we'll talk about how to bundle your products for even more profit.

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