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Do you want a great way to boost your income right now?

Do you already have information products for sale at lower prices such as 7-dollar reports? Then you want to read this to find out how you can boost your revenue without writing one more word.

Creating content sometimes can seem like a full-time job. Even if you spend time repurposing, using PLR, and hiring writers to help. But, there is one awesome way to create higher priced information products and that is bundling.


One of the most exciting things about every information product you create is that you can use them again to create higher priced products, the ultimate in repurposing.

Start with blog posts, turn them into information products, and then create ultimate theme bundles from the content you have created.


To get everyone in the mood to buy bundles consider having specials with bundles that you can offer occasionally, or as value-added items to sell to your audience instead of the smaller info product, they first wanted as an upsell. 


  • Yearly Bundle – A great idea is to consider taking all the content you’ve created for your audience throughout the year and make it into a giant bundle. This works best in a very well-defined niche so that the bundle all goes together naturally. Make this bundle giant and ensure that your audience saves 25 to 50 percent off the entire bundle over individual purchases.


  • Monthly Bundles – You can also do special monthly bundles of each type of content you’ve created on each topic. This is a great way to boost your sales on any niche. Most people will jump at the chance to feel as if they’re getting more for less. You can create these bundles after each month of sales to reinvigorate buzz about your products.


  • Value Added Bonuses – Another great way to add bundles is to use them as an upsell. So, for example, if your customer clicks to purchase your eBook about Training Cats to Use the Toilet, you could combine that with other cat-related content as an upsell so that they can get everything you have about cats in one purchase that saves money on individual purchases but ups the average checkout ticket.

When you create the bundle be sure to point out the cost of each product individually so that you can show them a firm number that they’re saving on getting the bundle. When those in your audience who really want to learn what you teach see the offers they’re going to jump at the chance. Even people who were iffy about buying before will probably jump at money saving bundles.  

Bundles are a quick way for you to boost your income by having a bundle sale. Bundles get buzz and your affiliates are going to be more likely to want to promote a higher priced item than the lower priced items. Offering the combo boosts revenues over only offering one-off deals.


Tomorrow we'll cover outsourcing your product creation (you don't have to do it all by yourself!),

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