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One easy lead magnet to create is to repurpose some of the content you already have within the product you’re selling as a lead magnet.

This involves just taking parts of your product and cutting it up in such a way that it gives away part of it but not the main part.


Here are some examples of how this can work as a lead magnet. 


  • eBooks / Reports – If you’re selling any type of information products in the form of eBooks and Reports a great lead magnet for this especially if it’s a “how to” do something is to give away checklists or cheat sheets that are created based on the book or report. With the right branding, the audience that downloads the checklist or cheat sheet can click through to buy the entire product that goes with the downloadable lead magnet. 


  • Novel – If you’re an author and your mail product is your book you can take part of your book and give it away. Some people simply give away the first chapter. This is a great idea, but you can choose how you want to do it. Choose a meaty part that gets them wondering what happens next for this lead magnet and again, be sure that you include links within the lead magnet that enable them to purchase the entire book.


  • Videos & Webinars – Are you selling videos and webinars in some manner? If so, creating a lead magnet that includes clips of the videos and or webinars is a great way to get the people curious to come to your online event or to download your videos and webinars if they’re not live. 


  • Audio & Podcasts – Do you have a podcast that people need a subscription to see? If so, provide some samples as a lead magnet. You can do this in a few different ways. You can make it downloadable or you can simply link to private pages with the audio on it so that they can get a taste before they subscribe and pay.


  • Courses – This is a no-brainer. If you have a course, offer the first introductory part of the course free as a preview option. You can do this in several ways. Transcribe any videos and let them download a transcription as an example. Compile a list of all the compliments your students have provided into a lead magnet. Provide any one module free as a lead magnet. 


  • Coaching – One way to offer a lead magnet for your coaching services is to offer a free 15-minute call. This is a lot of work, but it can be very useful. Another way is to offer an example of something you do for your audience such as a case study with a coaching client that is agreeable for their name to be out there too. If you offer workbooks for people you coach with you can offer one of the workbooks as a lead magnet too. 


  • Services – When you provide services it can be hard to offer a free lead magnet so one way to give a sneak peek in how great your services are is to offer a smaller service that shows your worth at a discount. Remember a lead magnet doesn’t have to be free. For example, if you offer writing service and normally your price is $50 per blog post offer a coupon for 50 percent off for a one-time trial of your service.  


  • Software & Apps – This is almost too easy. For software and apps if they’re digital you can easily offer a trial period for free or very low priced such as a buck. Let them try the software and all the features with a short-term free trial or as low as a buck. 


  • Memberships – If you have a membership site you probably charge your members a monthly fee to join. One way to get more people to join and stay members is to offer a short-term free trial. You can also give away parts of anything that’s inside the membership. For example, if your membership includes a monthly course about your niche, give away one of the courses free so they can see the quality. 

Anytime you can repurpose content you’ve already created into a lead magnet that’s always going to make the process of creating a lead magnet much easier and also, it’s going to be very effective. Your customers get a true idea of what they’re signing up for when they buy your products or services when they see some of the real thing. 



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