Why You Must Speak Your Client's Language In Your Programs and Products

It’s not just important to use the right language in your marketing messages. It’s also important to continue using your customers’ language in your paid products, memberships, and coaching programs.

For one thing, you don’t want to confuse your audience by suddenly becoming a different person with a different voice. It would cause confusion in your buyer’s perspective and potentially activate buyer’s remorse.

According to a survey completed by the Harvard Business Review customers place more importance on language when choosing to buy something or use a service than they do price.

That’s an important thing to remember as you create products and services for your audience. The sales message needs to match the product. If it doesn’t, you’ll end up with confused, dissatisfied customers.


Why Language is Important
Language is how you communicate with your audience in a way that they understand. if you’re not using the same words, words that your audience relates to in your products it will be difficult for them to understand and get the most out of your paid products, memberships, and coaching programs.


Define Terms
You can create new terms for customers. When you do that it’s important that you define any new terms for them in the words they will relate to so that they know what you are talking about and can implement your advice and solutions quickly and effectively.


Collect Words Your Audience Uses
One way to include words in your products and services that your audience uses is to collect words that they use. Adding a commonly used phrase to your courses and other solutions will get through to your audience faster and make them feel more comfortable than anything else you can do. Create a swipe file with words your audience uses to describe their problems and how they feel when they’ve found a solution. Then use them.


Clear Communication on Your Audience’s Level is Most Effective
When you use the words that they use you are speaking at your audience’s level in a way that is relatable. This will make the communication you have between you clearer and more effective. When people are communicating using the same meaning of words and same tone they will always relate better and feel more comfortable.


Include in Person and Live Events in Your Language Development
It doesn’t matter if it’s copy on a page, in video, webinar or in-person event, you need to maintain using the terms and tone that your audience needs to hear and see in order to develop trust in your ability to help them solve their problems.


Whatever you’re doing, when it comes to pleasing your audience it’s imperative that you maintain the same language, tone, and voice throughout. That’s how your audience will know who you are and whether you’re right for them or not.




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