Eveolve Your Language As Your Market Grows

The great thing about creating a community with your target market is that you can grow, evolve and change with them. Think about the Dove brand of soap and how they market to their audience. They may have the same product, and the same audience loves the product, but they have changed their voice, tone, and vocabulary to match the changes their audience has made through the years.


Target Markets Change
Your target market will change over time. As they learn about the things you are teaching them you’ll need to become more advanced along with them if you want to keep growing with them. Some people do choose to stick with beginners but remember even if you do that, those beginners might change some of their value system as society changes and evolves. That means you still need to evolve with them with the type of language you use.


It Depends on Your Niche
Another example may be that you start out targeting parents who have infants, then as they grow you focus on toddlers, and older children to keep that same audience in your marketing funnel. For example, if your expertise is as a lactation coach, you may decide to change and grow with your clients to talk more about helping older weaned children to move from breast to cup, or to learn toilet training and so forth.


Change with them or Lose Them
But this is up to you if you want to do that, but when you create a community depending upon your target they may change so you must change with them or some part of your audience will drop out since your offers don’t apply to them any longer. But, the option is there to grow with them if you pay attention to the evolution they’re going through. This is a great way to grow your influence and authority.


For example, if your audience wants to learn about online marketing, you may start with teaching them the basics of online marketing, but then you might want to get into more specifics with them as they learn.

You can still offer the beginner info to bring your audience into your funnel, then increase the level of information you provide to advance your audience through more specific details about marketing.

For example, you may want to also teach them about copywriting, creating sales pages, developing funnels, running Facebook ads and so forth.


As you move forward with your audience it’s natural that your language and tone may change to accommodate the transformation your audience goes through as they learn, and you learn with them. It depends a lot on your audience which is why it’s imperative to stay involved with them so that you can grow and change with them.



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