Kimberly Viera, People of the Mind, Info Product Creation

  • Want to fast track your content creation to a whole new level?
  • Want to have more ideas than you have time to create?
  • Want to save money on content creation?

There has never been anything better for doing that than private label rights content (PLR). PLR is content that you purchase (along with other people) and can use it as your own depending upon the rules of the PLR company you buy from.

Some PLR you must use 'as is' and you can only add your name to it, but you’re not allowed to edit it in any way. Other PLR companies let you rearrange it, edit it, and make it your own. The best PLR allows you the freedom to edit the content to make it entirely your own and something that looks brand-new. 

When you buy the right type of PLR you can use it as research, as the start of a new product, or even as the entire product. But there are some recommendations that will make the process work better overall.


Know Who You’re Buying From

Not all PLR is created equal. It’s best to work only with people you trust when it comes to PLR. There are unscrupulous companies that will steal and sell what they call PLR but are just plagiarized work that someone created who did not want to sell as PLR. Ask people in your circle of influence where the best places to buy PLR to ensure that you’re getting something legal and well-written.


Consider Where You’re Using It

If you’re using PLR in email, you don’t even have to change it. You can simply cut and paste the content into your autoresponder. This works great for free eCourses as a lead magnet. If you’re putting it on your blog, spend the time to edit it and make it your own. But, don’t spend too much time editing because you want to keep it simple.


Know How to Edit the Content

The best way to edit PLR is to change the titles, add your keywords, update subheadings, rearrange the order of the content and switch out graphics with new ones of your own so that your information product looks different from anyone else’s. Add in your “about” information, front matter, and a table of contents. Don’t forget to change any links to your affiliate links.


Add Something Original

Another thing to do is to add something to it that’s just yours. For example, a cheat sheet, checklist, or workbook to help make the content more useful. Use the PLR as your guide to creating these add-ons. Keep note of what you create because they can also become content upgrades on your website.


You don’t have to do everything yourself. Using PLR is not something that is brand-new for the internet. PLR has been around on some level for as long as people have needed content for their newsletters, magazines, and newspapers.

If you think about it even the news uses a type of PLR from the associated press to have something to tell you each night. It’s not unethical and it’s not hard to use. It’ll save you a lot of time and money and it can fill out your content needs when you need it. 




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