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You may have considered creating information products in the past but thought it would be too much work. You have the ideas, the knowledge, and the skill set, but not the time. But don’t worry about that because it doesn’t have to be hard. You can create info products from existing content fast.

Creating info products doesn’t have to take a long time or be hard. You can start with content you already have. It doesn’t matter if it’s blog posts, webinar recordings, YouTube videos, email messages, or private label rights (PLR) content if you already own it either because you created it, or because you bought it, you can create information products.


Some of the information products you can create include:

  • Short Reports – Most short reports are just a few pages long and don’t always include a table of contents or additional information like checklists. It’s laser-focused on one issue and one solution.
  • eBooks – The type of eBooks you’ll use for an information product is shorter than a regular book. You can create an eBook with as few as ten blog posts. They do usually include a table of contents and supporting documentation. 
  • Audiobooks – Repurpose any eBooks or short reports into an audiobook by recording your voice reading it. You can also hire someone on to do the voice if you prefer.
  • Membership Sites – This is a gated community where you offer a certain amount of information-oriented products to the members each month. Often membership sites include all the other types of info products listed here.
  • Coaching Programs – As a coach, you can include information products as part of the program if you desire. Things like worksheets, checklists. Cheat sheets and everything on this list can be included.
  • Printables, Checklists, Workbooks – Not only do these types of info products make great content upgrades, you can also sell them individually as information products. Connect them to the right content and they’ll sell easily. 
  • eCourses – An email course is a great format for an information product that is focused on “how to” do something. Whether you deliver it via email or a platform like it’s a great way to get into the info product business.
  • eSummits – Do you have a lot of connections within your niche? Gather them together to host a Summit. You can resell it as an information product many times over after the live event.
  • Resource Lists – This is just a list of resources that you use or recommend. It can be software and even people who help you that you want to recommend to others. People will pay good money to buy your list when you’re successful and well known.

    It doesn’t really matter what your niche is. You can create amazing information products from existing content. 

    Perhaps you have a checklist you created for yourself that you use to ensure you don’t miss a step. Someone else will pay good money for that checklist to avoid having to do it themselves. Using the same example above, you can likely create an eBook about the mistakes you’ve made on your journey and sell it as an information product. 


    Almost every niche you can think of has a need for information products.

    There is somewhere out there who needs to know the information you have and will pay good money for it. You may be wondering why. It’s simple. People are usually lazy. This isn’t an insult. It’s smarter to buy information from a reliable source than to spend hours doing the research yourself. It’s partially why libraries exist.

    People like to do things, but they want someone else to do the hard work for them. Most people would prefer to pay someone they trust to provide the step by step instructions on how to do something than trying to figure it out themselves. It saves time to buy it. That’s why self-help books are so popular. It’s a fast way to get the information so that change can take place. 


    Next time you’re going to learn exactly how I create a new opt-in report fast. Don’t miss it.



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