Let’s take a quick walk down memory lane and browse through all the different topics we covered over the past 29 days. You’ve learned why language is important for all aspects of your business. You need to use the same language as your audience so that you can attract them so that they like you, and so that they understand the information you’re trying to relate to them.


Here’s a quick rundown:


1. Do You Speak The Right Language

2. Do You Know Who Your Target Audience Is?

3. How Can Speaking The Right Language Help Sales?

4. Be Part Of Your Tribe To Earn Their Trust

5. Hang Out Where They Do

6. Learn Their Unique Vocabulary

7. Spy On Your Competition

8. Why You Should Sign Up For Other’s People’s Lists

9. Use Facebook Groups To Practice Your Market's Language

10. Speaking Your Market’s Language On Social Media

11. Encourage Your People To Talk To You

12. Using Your Language Skills On Your Sales Pages

13. Creating Community Through Language

14. How Should Your Sales Message Sound?

15. How The Right Language Proves Your Expertise

16. Speak To The Heart Of Your Customer With Headlines

17. Testing New Language With Your Tribe

18. Creating Your Own Language

19. Test & Track Your Sales Page Language

20. Test & Track Your Solo Emails And Calls To Action

21. About Language, Tone & Copy

22. Finding The Words To Overcome Objections

23. The Right Words To Prevent Buyer’s Remorse

24. Why You Must Speak Your Client's Language In Your Programs & Products

25. Evolve Your Language As Your Market Grows

26. Don’t Overload Them With Technical Terms

27. Listen To Feedback From Your Customers And Subscribers

28. Using The Right Words For Search Engines

29. Images As Communication

30. Well Done & Where To Go From Here


  • What have you learned from this challenge that has had the biggest impact on you?
  • What tips and ideas have you found the most helpful?
  • Which ones have you tried to use, and what were your results?

Save this post so that you can come back to this again and again because it's going to be useful far beyond this challenge.


Take a few minutes today to reflect on not only how far you’ve come, but more importantly how this simple 30-day challenge has influenced you and changed you and your business for the better.

What positive experiences have you had because of the 30 Day Learning Your Market’s Language Challenge? Please comment below to let me know what you think, or if you prefer, come to our Facebook Group and share.

I’m excited to learn about all your successes!



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