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Creating information products may seem intimidating, especially if you want to create a membership site where you want to have some content ready ahead of the need for your members. But it’s not as hard as you may have made up in your head. 

In fact, it might even be easy.


You probably already have a lot of content either that you have developed yourself or that you’ve purchased in the form of private label rights (PLR) content right on your hard drive or stored in the cloud.

You probably also have older content that you already published somewhere in your archives.


For most of you, you won’t have to start from scratch to create quick products.

It helps if you have an idea of the topics you’d like to promote first when you conduct your archive search.


Determine What Product You Want to Create

You likely have an idea about the content you’ve created already in your mind. Use that knowledge to think about topics that you would like to develop an information product for.

For example, if you have a parenting blog focused on single moms who work outside the home, it’s likely you’ve written about time management for parents before. 

Use this idea to develop an information product that gives parents a solution to their time management issues. Knowing what you’re going to search for in advance of creating the product will help you get started faster by not allowing you to get overwhelmed by the content you have to wade through.


Search for Keywords 

You may not realize it but depending on how you named the content in your file storage you can use keywords to find it. So, if you wanted to find all PLR content you have about menu planning for a report you want to make you should be able to do a search on “menu planning” to find the content on your computer or in your file storage system that relates.

If you’re searching your blog archives for old content the same thing can be done by searching your website for the topic. If you don’t have a search feature on your website or blog, you should for your audience. But if you don’t you can use Google by using the following search terms. “site: URL you want to search without HTTP or www included and the search term”. 


Organize the Content

At first, just drag or copy and paste the content into a document and then drag it to a well-named file folder named for the product you want to create. Focus on only one problem and one solution at a time. This will make it easier to produce a good product instead of focusing on all the different things you have in your archives which can be overwhelming. 



Once you get it all organized now you can simply go into the folder and create the product by organizing it all into one document, adding a cover page, adding a table of contents, images, graphics, quotes and more. Finally, turn it into a PDF, make a sales page, create a buy button, and start promoting.


Don’t make it harder than it is by trying to start from scratch or reinvent the wheel. You already have plenty of content to use as information products whether it’s PLR or blog content you’ve already published. 

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