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When your target audience signs up for and receives your lead magnet, from their point of view they're wanting something valuable at no cost.

From your perspective, you want to build trust with them so that they take you up on future offers.

Because of this your lead magnet should be very targeted, specific, and actionable. 


Teach What’s Next

If you have in mind what’s next, that is going to help even more. For example, if you have a Paleo Cooking website you might start with easy things like how to substitute food off the list for food on the list. Then, you might decide to start teaching them actual cooking techniques such as how to grill food, cut meat so that it’s tender, and so forth. If you can identify the next steps to whatever you taught them in the lead magnet then you’ll know in advance what you want to promote to them on the back end via your email messages.


Share an Easier Way

Another way to approach this is to show them an even simpler way such as “done for you” services for something you taught them in the lead magnet. So, for example, let’s say that you created a lead magnet that teaches your audience how to set up their first website. Then after a couple of days, giving them time to digest the information you’ve taught them, you can promote a done for you service offering to do the work for them. 


Promote Resources Mentioned

If they downloaded a lead magnet about writing their welcome email sequence perhaps they need more resources, so you can then promote to them in some of your future emails deals that you trust on a topic that you know most of your audience that downloaded the lead magnet need. Promoting it in a way that uses the trust they have for you to get them to buy products and services that you know are of high-quality because they believe that the lead magnet was useful and valuable. 


Offer More Help

Some people want even more information about the original topic of the lead magnet and need more help. For example, you might want to promote hands-on coaching to help them implement the steps you taught them in the lead magnet.


There are so many 'next levels' that you can go to starting from one simple solution.

You can even do this in reverse - creating lead magnets by looking at the things you want to promote to your audience and then creating specific lead magnets that are designed to get your audience member interested in and knowledge about that topic so that you can promote those products and services to them.

Sometimes bringing up their problem multiple times helps get them aware of it so that you can move on to helping them solve it.


What 'next level' can you lead your people to and how can you incorporate this into your freebie?




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