You are a visionary.

You have something amazing you want to offer to the world.

These things you never even question.

But when faced with hurdles you must overcome to reach your goal, life’s everyday demands, and the people you love looking at you from the corner of their eye letting you know they think you may have actually lost your mind…

…Well, it’s easy to lose sight of what you are working for.


So, when it seems life is only giving you lemons, keep these truths in mind:


  • There is No Such Thing As Failure – Only Giving Up


‘Failure’, as people sometimes frame it, is just feedback on what did not work. If you fail, it does not define you in any way—it simply shows you what NOT to do.  Change your direction.  Make a new plan.


  • Focus on Your Possibility Before Your Payoff


We are an instant satisfaction culture.  We want to Have It Now. Buy It Now.  Do It Now.  Be It Now.

But creating your vision requires commitment.  It requires daily action doing whatever is necessary. It requires you to move your focus from the quick payoff you ‘want’ (and the disappointment if you don’t get it instantly) to your personal ‘possibilities’; sharing your vision and giving something amazing to other people.

Never worry.  Your ‘payoff’ (EVERYTHING that you desire) will naturally come to you as a result of your expressing your possibilities to the world.


  • Feast on Faith, Hope & Love


Your outlook determines your output.

Your output determines your outcome.


Choose to be optimistic.  It is a choice.


Read uplifting books.  Surround yourself with visionaries and other people of the mind.  Listen to inspirational speakers. Watch TED Talks.  When you feast on faith, hope, and love… When you only nourish your soul, mind, and heart with the good and inspiring of humanity – you overcome adversity and live free from anger, greed, guilt, and envy. Everything in your life shifts.


  • Appreciate the GIFTS of Your Past—then Look Ahead


Again you have a choice. You can see your past- ALL OF IT- as a series of lessons, gifts and course corrections to your future or you can let the past keep you stuck up to the neck in quicksand, waiting to die.

Either way, it’s your choice. Make friends with your past by appreciating what you learned or forgiving people who may have let you down- knowing they did the best they could at the time.  Focus on and enjoy the present. Realize what you do today directly creates tomorrow.  Have hope for your future and make plans.  Always have something to look forward to.

Then, you have succeeded no matter what your goal is.


  • Know that Success Doesn’t Make You


Along with the ideas above, understand that a win doesn’t make you and a loss doesn’t break you.


Here is a secret of life that most people never understand: 

Life IS Experience

Our Lives ARE the JOURNEY


We do not “arrive” in life at some point.  Instead, life is the series of events and relationships we experience.  Whether our lives are “good” or not…. Whether we are “happy” or “successful” or not, totally equals (=) how we end up thinking of those things.


You ever wonder why people can experience the same EXACT thing but come up with totally different feelings and ideas about what happened?


Because we are all wonderful, glorious INDIVIDUALS!

No two are ever alike.  That’s the beauty and awe of life!


Events in our lives, and how we choose to think of them, are like the food we eat for our bodies. As long as you are alive more is consumed every day.  There is never a day you take off from the ‘experience’ of life.  Even if you are unconscious, science shows you still ‘experience’.


When you win (and EVERYBODY does), you’ll still have tons more wins to make the next day… and if you lose (and EVERYBODY does), you’ll have more opportunities to course correct tomorrow.



(relationship + events + our thoughts

+ our feelings about those things)



(The sum of all our relationships + events + our thoughts

+ our feelings about those things!)


  • Stand Up for Your Convictions


Take a stand for whatever you think is right, even if it’s unpopular or costs you your job, friendship, or maybe even personal safety.


Standing up for who you are and what you believe is heroic and inspiring to others.  Most people do not have this ability.  It takes personal courage and strength of character.  If you do nothing more than stand by your convictions in life you are already infinitely successful.


  • Have a “Service Heart”


Success isn’t defined by having power over people or even getting your needs or desires met in the short term.  Success is defined by how many people you can help and serve while you achieve your goals.


It’s about the legacy you leave this world.

If you help others as you climb, you learn more, grow faster and climb quicker.

A service heart shows the character of a person and is the true hallmark of a leader who can change the world.


Be Inspiring

Reach for the personal excellence within you and put it at the feet of everyone else in the world.  All the worldly abundance and success you desire will come to you as you take your place among other extraordinary men and women throughout history.


“Don’t ask yourself what the world needs, ask yourself what makes you come alive and then go do that. Because what the world needs is people who are ALIVE.”
– Howard Thurman



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