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Integrity is the first secret to achieving personal freedom.

Knowing and doing what’s right are two different things.

At first glance, it may look like they’re referring to the same thing, but nothing can be further from the truth.

For instance, when people are faced with tough choices they often choose something that will benefit them even though they know they’re doing the wrong thing.

That’s not integrity.



When you have integrity, you always do what’s right whether someone’s looking at you or not.

You strive to live your life according to your moral principles.

You don’t let your actions be dictated by negative forces even though most people would be happy to.


To enjoy personal freedom, you need to have integrity.

Otherwise, you’re going to be living life on the edge – constantly afraid someone’s going to come and take away what you stole from them.


When you have integrity, you don’t become defensive when someone questions your decisions and your actions.

You don’t make excuses and point fingers when your shortcomings are exposed.

You face everything head-on and take responsibility.

You remain honest even though you know it’s going to lead to negative consequences for you.


Integrity saves you headaches. You sleep soundly knowing you did the right thing today and you will again tomorrow. You’ve got nothing to hide, you’re figuratively an open book.


Your reputation is beyond reproach and others will view you as someone they can look up to.

When you act with integrity, you can live your life fully and freely.



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