Happy For You

Having genuine joy for other people's successes is the third secret of personal freedom.

When you hear other people’s success stories, your initial reaction may be one of envy or jealousy. Here you are working so hard to reach your goals, and you meet someone who’s a relatively new counselor or coach suddenly stealing the spotlight with his ‘overnight’ success.


We’ve all got different journeys ahead of us.

We may be in the beginning stages, or the middle, or maybe even close to the end. We all didn’t start at the exact same time or experience the same things, so it’s futile to compare your growth to someone else's.

Maybe you’re bootstrapping, and you’re comparing your progress to someone who’s had access to resources you didn’t have.

Maybe you are working your tail off but you see others who are succeeding without any effort at all.

The truth is you can't possibly know what another has been through or overcome.

Your journey is NOT the same as their journey.



When you put things into perspective like this, you’ll feel a whole lot better. 


Jealousy and envy are not going to get you anywhere.


It’s not going to bring you closer to achieving your goals. What you can do instead is learn from other people’s success.

Be genuinely happy for others’ success.

Use it as inspiration to carve out your own path to success and ultimately, freedom.

If they can do it, so can you!


How Do You Overcome Envy?

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