Your Excellence-See

Doing your best is the seventh secret to achieving personal freedom.

When you do your best, you give your all. You leave nothing out.

You never berate yourself for not achieving something because you know, deep down, that you’ve done everything to the best of your abilities.


When you learn to do your best, you learn not to compare yourself with how your peers are doing.

You learn to stop judging yourself and your abilities.

You learn to keep your head down and be happy if your friends reach their goals first.


When you’ve got that fire burning within you, and you truly believe in yourself, then you can overcome all obstacles that come your way. You’ll always see the good side of things, you’re not afraid of failing.


Remember, you’re not aiming for perfection.

You are aiming to be the best version of yourself. When you give your all, you have no regrets.


That’s how greatness is achieved - cultivating your best self...

Your personal excellence.

Achieving personal freedom comes easily when you are striving for personal excellence.


This is the last installment of our 11-day series on Freedom. I hope you have enjoyed thinking more about your own personal freedom.

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