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Everyone nowadays wants a healthy, active lifestyle.

Sometimes just one inspiring word gets them moving.

Sometimes, all it takes is the slightest push, and when that push comes from social media, they can’t resist sharing it with their friends.


Done for you programs for counselors and coaches


When you think of inspiring messages that you’ve helped to spread around the Internet, it should be immediately obvious what spreads and what doesn’t.

All you need to do is capture that essence, bottle it, and make it your own with a branded link to your business.


But that sounds like it’s a lot of work, doesn’t it?

There’s finding the right image, the right quote, the exact words that will spur that feeling of inspiration in someone, and resonate with them enough that they will want to share it


Lucky for you, it doesn’t have to be so difficult, because we’ve done all the work for you.


That’s right, 100 motivational quote images, ready to be released on the Internet, and all you have to do is make them your own.

In fact, we’ve made the 'branding part super easy, too.

When you obtain your batch of quote posters, you will also get, as an added bonus, the original PSD files!


This means that you can go straight into the images, change them to your liking, add your brand, embed a link, whatever. They are yours to leverage and use, forever.

You can use them over and over again. Add your business info directly into the quote image and feel free to do whatever you like with it.

All 100 of them are totally yours.


As you spread these inspiring messages, your brand (with your link) will spread with them, pushing your brand to tens of thousands of potential customers, by delivering some of YOUR content right to their laptop or mobile device, via friend sharing.


Everything you need to get started with generating some awesome traffic is included in this package.

Inspire, and build your platform through people’s most innate desire to spread that inspiration. 




Step 1: Choose One of The Images

Done for you programs for counselors and coachesThere are 100 images to choose from, and they cover all sorts of quotes, sayings, and even statistics related to the main topic.  
 Meaning you should have no trouble finding more than a few posts to fit your audience.


Step 2: Add Your Name / Website / URL / Etc.


Whether you have Adobe Photoshop (Paid) or GIMP (Free)

You canDone for you programs for counselors and coaches easily add your name, website title, brand logo, or URL to any of these quote images.  

Heck, you can even use an online image editor if you'd like to do it that way.  Or you can skip it!

Step 3: Post It On Any Site Or Anywhere You Want

Done for you programs for counselors and coaches  This is perhaps the easiest step of the process.  

  All you have to do is venture out to one of the many websites populated by people that will share your image.  Simply post your quote image, add some relevant tags, add a link to your site, and enjoy.




  • Q: What file formats are included?

You will receive PNG files for the actual social post images themselves.  Additionally, you'll receive the PSD Photoshop source files for each of the social posts as well, so that you can easily edit them.

  • Q: Can I edit or change these posts?

Yes, you are permitted to modify these images in any way you see fit, whether by using the PSD files or not.

  • Q: Where can I post these images?

There's really no limit to where you can post them, examples are Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, your website, materials you produce, power point presentations, etc.

  • Q: Are the photos used royalty-free?

Yes, the images used in this entire package for the backgrounds or any icons are royalty-free or fully compensated for. Guaranteed.





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