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Let me ask you this:

Do you want to generate more leads and book more clients in your programs?

YES, of course you do, because you understand you don’t have a business without them.

Unfortunately, to generate more leads and get more people into your premium offers, you first need to:

  • Properly connect with your prospects

  • Expand your reach online

Without these two pieces, you’re merely chasing a wild goose
And you will end up hungry

A lot of people who are seriously working their tails off trying to make a livable income working with clients online are not able to find, or convert, enough people to their programs.

So, we created this 4 step system to refill your funnel with actual prospects.

Attracting Clients Planner

The Attracting Clients Planner was specifically designed to show even absolute beginners how they can attract more clients for any type of service-based business.

Even if you don't have clue how to promote your services, you will be able to quickly put the information inside to use.

Inside this 58 page planner, you’re going to:

  • Build the habit of working on your marketing rather than just your clients

  • Learn how to improve your first impression

  • Discover how to properly nurture your current and past clients

  • Plan out your ‘Active’ marketing to reach new clients

  • Design an easy testimonial collecting system

  • Learn how to make your message crystal clear

  • Create an automated system for informing, following up with, and reengaging your prospects

  • Give generously to pre-qualify your people so your time is not wasted

  • Market WITH other business to massively multiply your reach

  • Diversify your business by create multiple sources of income

Implement your ‘Map To Success’ - your solid marketing plan to follow

Lots of trial-by-fire knowledge and experience went into creating this planner. It will make ‘client getting’ very clear for you.

So, if you’re ready to get a solid system in place, add it to your cart above to download it now.



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