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Finally, A Way To Help Your Clients Overcome Binge Eating Forever!


Overweight and Obesity Is Now An Epidemic In Our Country. People NEED Your Help!

A lot of people who binge eat don't even know they are doing it. Teach your people exactly WHY They Reach For Food And Why They Eat Too Much Of It. Help Your Clients End Their Unconcious Weight Gain. 


This Is a Timely and Desperately Needed... Completely Done-For-You Program That You Can Use In Your Own Business Right Away To Become an Authority in Binge Eating.


Sell It As Your Own Program And Get Instant Credibility.



Why Should You Get This Ready to Go Authority Building Program Now?


  • Complete done-for-you and ready-to-sell-to-your-clients program focusing on teaching people to become conscious of the various reasons people binge eat and ways to break this cycle. This program goes in-depth explaining this very important eating disorder, the ways it is impacting our health and wellbeing, and also some solutions to the problem.
  • Teach this program online or in your local community or sell it in your own coaching, wellness, health, medical, training, or in any other kind of 'expert who helps others'-type business.


The main part of this program is made up of:

    • 1. Program Guide (nearly 80 pages)




    • 2. Checklist (about 25 pages)
    • 3. Mind Map

      • 4. PowerPoints of the program so you can give the course in-person locally or as a webinar




      • Along with transcripts so you know what to say during the presentation or you can adapt to use for a speech in your local community


      • And 10 Training Videos professionally voiced (by Mike The Man) that you can use as the center of your program with your clients.




      • A turnkey sales video (featuring 'Mike The Man' who voices the entire program)
      Watch it below to see the quality of this program and hear Mike the Man's energetic, friendly voice.



      You also get:
      • A Fully Integrated Sales Funnel ready to be customized and uploaded in minutes so you can start making sales immediately


      The sales funnel includes:


        • Done-For-You Opt-In Report   30 Page ebook revealing the 4 Types of People Who Are Likely To Overeat - For you to give to prospects FREE in order to build your list
              • A Complete Sales Page (along with your sales video) to sell your new binge eating awareness program - waiting for your customizations




                  • Thank-You Page for when your clients purchase your new program. Ready to go.





                • 10 Articles About Binging and Emotional Eating to use on your website, as handouts to clients in your physical program, as an email course, or bundle together for an additional Giveaway report for your potential customers and clients.



                • Plus, 5 emails that you can send to your people after they sign up for your free giveaway report.  This gives them time to get to know you and gives them a sample before they commit to purchasing your full program.





                  Everything is taken care of just waiting for your tiny tweaks.
                  • Also, a 5-Part Audio Course on Binge Eating Disorder

                    1. Common Causes of Binge Eating Disorder

                    2. Dangers of Binge Eating

                    3. Differences Between Bulimia and Binge Eating Disorder

                    4. How to Prevent Getting Binge Eating Disorder

                    5. Treatments and Medications For Binge Eating Disorder


                    • Done-For-You Banners for web advertising

                    • Lots of Graphic Images of the product (all on this page + many more) to help you entice your customers, professionally selling your new program


                    • And 20 High-Quality Social Media Posts, totally done-for-you, that support this program. You can use them in any way you wish.

                      Get this program NOW, put your name on it, and use with your clients one on one, or offer a community class, wellness program, or educational seminar to teach people how to beat binge eating for life.


                      • Become the authority in your niche 
                      • Build your income quick
                      • Gain an incredible reputation as an expert

                        Don't waste any more time trying to do it yourself. 
                        EVERYTHING you need is ready to go!




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