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Do You Work In Fitness, Wellness, Weight Loss, Health, Self-Improvement, Or A Lifestyle Field That Teaches People How To Improve The Way They Live?


This Is A Paleo Lifestyle Program You Can Use For Your Clients Totally Done For You That You Can Sell As Your Own And Start Making Money Immediately



Why Should You Get This Authority Building Program Today?

  • Complete done-for-you and ready to sell program focusing on a paleo lifestyle, eating like our ancestors, exercising the way we evolved to, and modern lifestyle issues that prevent us from being and feeling healthy. You can teach or sell this in your own fitness, wellness, health, coaching, counseling, or any other kind of 'expert who helps others'-type business.



The main part of this program is made up of:

    • 1. Program Guide (42 pages)
    • 2. Cheat Sheet 
    • 3. Mind Map
    • 4. Resources Sheet

    • And 10 Training Videos professionally voiced (by Red Ed) videos you can use as the center of your program with your clients.


        You also get:

        • A Fully Integrated Sales Funnel ready to be customized and uploaded in minutes so you can be making sales by tomorrow. 

        The sales funnel includes:


        • Done-For-You Opt-In Report to give to prospects FREE in order to build your list


            • A Done-For-You Opt-In Page to get people to sign up for your report and into your tribe

              • A Complete Sales Page to sell your new program - waiting for your customizations

                  • Including an Awesome Sales Video 

                    The sales video below is also the voice ('Red Ed' we call him) who does the videos for the program. Check it out below to hear the amazing quality of this program. Red Ed's voice is very soothing and relatable.

                    • 'Thank You!' Page for when your customers or clients purchase your new program - Ready to go



                        • And the three Legal Pages you'll need for your sales page.  
                        All the details are taken care of and waiting for your tiny tweaks
                          • Terms & Conditions
                          • Privacy Policy
                          • Disclaimer

                        • Also, Done-For-You Banners for web advertising

                          • Lots of Graphic Images of the product (all on this page and more) to help you entice your customers, professionally selling your new program

                            • PLUS -10 Alternative Covers if you'd prefer a different look for your program 

                                • 10 Articles that support this program that you can use for your website, put together and use as an additional give away report, or use on social media

                                  • 4 Bonus Infographics you can use any way you wish

                                    • 5 Follow Up eMails that you can send your people after they opt-in (with your FREE give away report) to romance them a bit - encouraging them to buy your full program.

                                    • And 20 Social Media Posts ready to go!

                                      Get this program NOW to put your name on it and use with your clients.


                                      Start building your authority and income. Don't waste any more of your time.


                                      This can be your signature program. 


                                      EVERYTHING you need is ready to go!



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