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This checklist will help you keep track of what you’re doing to get ready to launch your product.

This list assumes you’ve already created your product, set money goals for your product, and have a launch date. These are the things you need to do before your launch and a bonus with some after-launch activities too. 



    • Map Out Launch Emails – Create an email series getting your subscribers ready for your new launch. 
    • Map Out Blog Posts – Match each email from above to a blog post so that you’ll bring your email readers to your website. 
    • Prepare Marketing Materials – You need marketing materials for affiliates as well as customers. These are two different audiences, so you’ll need to hit the information from different angles. 
      • Affiliates – Create promotion materials for them, emails, blog posts, contest info and more.
      • Social Media – Develop graphics and text for social media updates that link to your blog posts.
      • Ads – Create videos, graphics, and information for paid ads.
    • Create Sales Page – Using what you know about your product create a sales page. You can use software such as or to help you make an amazing sales page.
    • Create Download/Thank You, Page – Depending on how you set up the delivery of your product you’ll need to create a download page that is also a thank you page or just a thank you page if the delivery happens another way. Remember, thank you pages and download pages are great places to include upsells. 
    • Proof & Edit – Remember to edit everything. Sometimes it can help if you have someone else do that part.


    • Set Up Shopping Cart – Now that you have all the components ready, the product, the sales page, and download / thank you page set up your shopping cart. A few choices to look at are,,, and 
    • Set Up Follow Up Emails for Buyers – Set up the email list and follow up series for people who buy the product.
    • Check Process – Have someone check to see if the system works once it’s set up.

Post Launch Bonus

Once you know it all works and it’s all together, it’s time to set up the follow up so that it’s mostly automated. That will enable you to focus on the launch while seeding the audience who purchased to buy your next product. 

    • Follow Through – Do what you say you’ll do. 
    • Fix the Problems – Provide topnotch customer service.
    • Wrap it Up – It’s always nice to share a post-launch update with your affiliates as well as with your audience. 
    • Thank Everyone – Never forget to thank anyone who helped you as well as those who bought your product. 
    • Get Testimonials / Social Proof – Send automated messages and surveys to your buyers to gather testimonials and social proof about the course for future sales. 
    • Update Your Audience – Brag a little about your success, talk about what you’ll do the same and what you’ll do differently.
    • Review & Tweak to Improve – Fix the things you realized could work better.
    • Repeat – Take what you learned and do it again.


This checklist will help you get your launch off the ground successfully so that you don’t forget something.

Remember, even seasoned pilots use checklists to ensure that they don’t forget anything. If you use this checklist, you can add to it things exclusive to your particular product and improve your processes each time you launch.


Tomorrow we'll dig into the analytics to find the best content for your future products,

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