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When we're talking about monetizing a lead magnet there are many ways to do it:

  • You can charge for the lead magnet, it doesn’t have to be free.
  • Or, you can offer it for free but weave valuable offers into the lead magnet’s content to accomplish two things:
      • Better list segmentation
      • Improved sales

Let’s look at some different ways to accomplish this depending on the type of lead magnet you’ve created.


  • Software – This is probably one of the easiest ways to incorporate offers. If you sell some form of software or app create a free version of it as a lead magnet. Gray out the upgraded options so that they know what it can do and let them click on and learn about the upgraded feature via a video or text with an option to add that feature available.


  • Text Based Lead Magnet – If you have created a text-based lead magnet such as a short report, eBook, or whitepaper you can easily weave in offers with simple in-content links to any products or services that you mention. You can also include a resource list at the beginning and end of any report. 


  • Videos – When you host any type of video or webinar, you can charge for it or you can do it free as a lead magnet. To weave in offers you may want to provide affiliate links in the chat area each time you bring up a solution so that your audience can buy right then. But, you can also offer a downloadable resource list with the links to all the products or services you mention within the webinar.


  • Email – Once someone signs up for your lead magnet they’ll be added to your email list. Immediately send them a thank you with a link to the download page for the lead magnet they wanted. Right on the download page, you can offer an upsell, cross-sell, or another opportunity to buy something from you that is relevant to what they signed up for to get on the email list. 


  • Memberships – When you have an online membership whether it’s email based, social media based, or otherwise you have a lot of opportunities to weave offers into your lead magnet. Think of the offers first, then work your way back to the lead magnet to know exactly how you’ll market. Giving people 7 free days of a membership is a good way to get them in, but always be thinking of how you’ll keep them in through your offers.


The number one best way to incorporate offers with your lead magnets is with any downloadable include a resource list that links to everything you mention within the training or information product. Plus, you can create a resource page right on your website to give to anyone who needs to know what types of products or services you recommend. It’s a great way to monetize your lead magnets but it’s also a great way to make more money promoting the resources that you use regularly.


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