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Anytime you create a new information product you need to consider how you’ll market the new product.

One way to do that is to go back to your old blog posts that are covering the same topic so that you can promote the new info product right there.


A few other ways to use your existing content to promote the new info product are: 


  • Link Below Posts – A simple way to add information products that may be of interest to readers is to simply link to them below relevant blog posts. You can simply add a link or you can add a call out box drawing attention to the information product. 


  • Link Within Posts – Anytime you mention a certain topic within a blog post you can make it a hyperlink to the sales page for the new information product. While some people may not click through the search engines will crawl internal links ensuring your sales page shows up in searches more often. You can also say something in parenthesis like this: (Be sure to check out my new book about this topic) to ensure that they know it’s something they want to see.


  • Add a Pop-Up – On every page that talks about the topic of the information product add a pop-up, pop-under or slide with a short form showing the new info product image, the reasons they want it, and the ability to buy it right there or x out of the page.


  • Add a Call Out Spot – Between paragraphs about the topic at hand, add call out boxes with links to the sales page for the new info product. Often, you’ll see these in yellow and outlined so that they stand out to readers as an important bit of information or advertisement that they want to pay attention to.


  • Remarket to Viewers – A neat way to let readers know about your new information product is by using the Facebook Pixel so that you can remarket to those who have read your blog posts. This must be set up in advance, but the advertisement can deliver the info about the new info product only to people who read about the topic.


  • Side Bar – Add an image and link in your sidebar about your new information product. Make sure it stands out by highlighting it as a new product so that blog visitors want to click through to learn more about it.


  • Feature Bar – A good place for any new product is a feature bar that shows up on the top of every blog post. This will make it clear that the product is new and that it’s related to the topic they’re currently reading about. 


Using old blog posts to market your new information product is a great way to ensure that you make sales from your blog content.

Ideally, you want to promote an information product that you created or that you’re affiliated with on every single blog post that you publish. It’s the ultimate way to monetize your blog.


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