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The lead magnets you create aren’t only for you to use to promote your offers and services. Your affiliates can also use your freebies to promote your products and services for you too if you set it up for them to be able to do it.


The way it works, depending on the service you use, is you allow your affiliates to count the traffic they send if their audience downloads the freebie.

Then, the affiliate gets paid through commissions when their people grab the paid offer.


It’s super simple to do this, using your shopping cart system that keeps track of your affiliates for you it will usually look something like this.

Step #1: Set Up the Lead Magnet as a Product

Step #2: Add an Upsell to That Product

Or you may want to set up the lead magnet as a product to promote even though it’s listed as free and give your affiliates credit for their leads buying any of your products and not just the one the lead magnet was made to promote. It depends on your goal but aside from your customer audience you also need to appeal to your affiliates so that they promote you to their audiences. 


Give Long-term Cookies

The affiliate promotes the freebie and all their sign-ups become their customers via a lifetime cookie (or yearlong cookie) that automatically accredits all future sales to them. It may look different in your system but there is a way to set it up so that your affiliates can give away a freebie and get credit for the traffic. 


Give Them Brandable Options

Another way that works is to give them a brandable freebie that they can use to give away adding their affiliate links throughout the freebie instead of your direct links or your affiliate links. Then, anyone who downloads the newly branded lead magnet and clicks the new links is credited to the right affiliate who gave away the rebranded freebie.


Create Lots of Lead Magnets 

When you provide plenty of lead magnets and freebies to your affiliates they’re going to be much more likely to send you more traffic because they want to be the hero to their audience by giving them as many freebies as they can. It makes them look good, and they love the idea of making money in your funnels by giving away a freebie. 


Provide Affiliate Training

To attract your affiliates to doing this for you, you’ll need to explain to them how deep your funnels are and what the potential payoff is to promote your lead magnets. When you think of all the ways you can get other people to promote your offers it can get even more exciting as you note all the different types of lead magnets you can create to help promote your products and services. 


The more you can encourage your affiliates to promote and sell for you the less you have to spend on advertising and promotions yourself. This way you literally only pay when you’ve made a sale once you’ve built up your affiliate army. 


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