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There is a lot of disagreement and discussion in internet marketing circles about the value of freebies.

One group says that there is no reason to give freebies and others say there is. I fall on the side of loving freebies for building an email list, getting buzz for a launch, and on educating your audience about their problems.


To keep your audience informed and coming back for more it’s important that you set up both free and paid information products.

Whether an information product is free or paid doesn’t mean it doesn’t make money.

Free information products can help you earn money in the same way that paid ones can.


Free info products can:

  • Build your list
  • Earn affiliate income
  • Include a resource page with affiliate links
  • Inform your audience about their problems and the solutions- earning trust
  • Show them the next steps to take (like your product or service)

Paid products can do the same thing in addition to earning money from them directly. 


The internet offers a wide variety of free information for your audience. They can find answers to almost any question that they have. The trick is that you want them to see your answers and your content over someone else’s.

A good way to ensure that they do is to offer free information products to help build an email list where you promote your paid products to them directly via daily or weekly emails. Since they get a taste of what your content is like, they’re going to be more likely to make a purchase when offered in the future. 


Let’s look at a few examples:


Free Checklist vs Paid Checklist 

Insert a checklist PDF download within your blog post content as a content upgrade requiring an email address to get it and you’ll move people to your email list. Once they see the checklist start marketing to them your checklist and cheat sheet pack with 10 checklists that they can use in their daily lives.

Giving them a taste will make them more likely to buy.


Free eBook vs Paid eBook

Offer an informational book that teaches the audience about their problem to get them to sign up for your email list. Then market to them a “how to” eBook that will solve their problem.

In one instance you’re agitating the problem and then in the second, you’re solving the problem.  


Free App vs Paid App

Often when it comes to apps there will be free versions and full paid versions. The free version does just enough to make it useful, while the paid version unlocks all the other benefits. You can do a lot of this with information products too by making the free version a taste of the paid version. 


Build Your Funnel

When you build your funnels remember to match the content you create to the stage your customer is in their buying cycle. If it’s the awareness stage, that’s a good time for a freebie. If it’s the decision stage, it’s a good time to offer up your solution.

If you do this for each paid product that you want to promote it’ll start to become second nature to mix marketing with creation.


Next, we'll learn how to create a big income with small info products.

Until tomorrow,

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