Testing New Language With Your Tribe

When you focus on immersing yourself in your new community learning the terms and lingo of this new niche; at some point you need to test it out. This is what’s going to help you know that you’re on the right track and that you’re learning what you need to learn so that you can speak to your audience in the manner that works for them and gets you the results you desire.

The answer is to look at analytics as well as the in-person feedback that you get from your audience as you move forward trying out the new language.


Social Media – Try posting a meme that you think your audience will relate to. What reaction does the meme get? Do people like it? Do they think it’s relevant? Do they share it because it resonates with them? If so, then you’re on the right track.


Email Messages – Try your new language skills out by creating new subject lines for your email series and every new email you send out now. Try to ensure that the subject line relates to the email and gets the attention of your audience. Does your open rate go up?


Blog Posts – Start using the questions people ask in your groups as the title for your blog posts. The question should give you an idea of what you’re going to say in the blog post to answer the question. If you happen to have a product or service that fixes the problem, include a link to that at the end of the blog post. Again, to find out if its’ working, look at your analytics.


Sales Pages – Any topic your audience talks about a lot that they can’t find a solution for is also a good product or service for you to create or find. Then you’ll need a sales page for it. Use the new language skills you’ve learned to create the best sales page that you can. Test it out on your audience with a Facebook Advertisement. If the analytics shows success, then you’re doing great.


Landing Pages – If you have freebies to give away to build your email list make a landing page for each one. That way you can practice using the right language to attract them via the headline, and the other words on the page to grab your freebie.


Each thing that you try, give it a couple of weeks to take hold to find out if it’s working. Use your analytics to determine if you’re getting a good response. But also look at what your audience is saying in terms of comments and by their behavior.

Are they sharing your information with others? Are they enthusiastically liking your offers? If they are, then you’re getting the right message across to your audience. If it’s not hitting yet, that’s okay, it’s a work in progress.

Have you ever seen the Amazon Original, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel?

It’s about a young woman who decides to become a comedian. It shows her process of learning who her audience is, who she is, and how she practices and tries out her jokes on people until she gets the right number of laughs.

She works on and improves each joke until she makes people cry laughing. That’s her goal.

Your goal is to make them answer your calls to action, keep improving until you’re getting the results you want and need.





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