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Creating your first product should not be too hard.

I’m sure all the talk about upselling, down selling, cross-selling, sales pages and shopping cart software is overwhelming. But, you can get started right now without worrying about all that.

While you can complicate matters regarding information product sales and delivery, you don’t really need to.

Let go of the worry about fancy sales letters, upsells, affiliate programs and the like and just get your first product up and launched today. Remember that what you set up today can always be improved later. The important thing is to get it done.


Create a Product

First, create the product that you want to sell. Use the product cover as your image cover and make a blog post about the product. It’s faster if you use content you already have for creating your information product. Combine five to 10 blog posts into one document, add an introduction, add a conclusion, images, a checklist or cheat sheet to make a complete product and then turn it into a PDF file.


Create a Call to Action

On the blog post create a call to action for the information product that you’re talking about on the blog post. Make it short and sweet. Tell them the benefits of getting this product right now in a short and sweet manner. 


Add a Buy Button

Using PayPal, create a buy button. When you create a buy button using PayPal, just go through the steps in the order that PayPal provides you. At some point, it will ask you for the download page that you want to insert. You can either make a real download page or provide the link that goes right to the file that you’ve uploaded to your server.


Make a Download Page

Even though you can do it without the download page, it helps to create one because some people get confused easily and it’s extra real-estate that you can use to add an upsell later if you want to. You don’t have to do that right now though. Just add some thank you language and instructions to click the image to download the file. Link the image to the file they should be downloading.



Send out an email to your list about your new product, share the blog post with your social media platforms, and ask your friends, colleagues, and family. As you make your first sales follow up with the buyers to find out what they thought of your information product so that you can get testimonials and reviews.


Information product creation and sales don't have to be hard.

You really don’t need all the bells and whistles to get started. You can get started right now if you have a product completed. Don’t let all the information you receive in these 30 days overwhelm you into making no actions.

Use the information you are learning to get started creating and selling as fast as possible. Then you can always improve later.


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