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One place your lead magnet needs to be is right on your sales pages.


Let’s look at some interesting ways to provide the lead magnet to anyone who visits your sales pages for any product or service that you’re marketing on the sales page.


Ensure the Lead Magnet is Related

First, the lead magnet should be laser targeted on the product or service that your audience member came to see. This is yet another reason you should start with the main product or service you want to promote and make lead magnets for different segments of your audience who need that product and service. If the lead magnet isn’t related even if they download it it’s not going to encourage sales for the product that you want to promote. 


Make it Appear When Your Prospect is Leaving

You don’t want to confuse anyone looking at your sales pages. You want them to read the sale page without distraction. Because of this you remove sidebars and most of your menu from the sales page to keep their attention focused on the story you’re sharing and the problem you’re focused on solving. But, you can create a lead magnet form that only displays when your prospect is clicking away from the page but not clicking the buy button. 


Create a Slide 

Another way to present the lead magnet is to create a slide that shows up at the bottom right of your customer’s screen. That way it’s not distracting, and they will only see it when they scroll down to the very bottom and don’t hit the buy button. 


In Content Lead Magnet

Even on a Sales Page, you can create in-content lead magnets that are clickable and only show if your prospect points their mouse at the clickable link on anchor text that helps some of your prospects get more information that they feel they need to make a choice to buy or not. 


Use a Pop-Under or Up

Another way to present the lead magnet that is not distracting to the sales page is to let it pop up on exit from the site if the prospect doesn’t click the buy button but tries to leave the site in another way. Remember to make these easy to click away from so that you don’t irritate your prospect.


Add a Re-Marketing Pixel to Your Site

A really interesting way to market your lead magnets to people who came to your sales pages or landing pages but did not act is to use remarketing. You can get a pixel for various platforms that you install on your website (it’s just a cut and paste action) that will then trigger ads that you set up to display only to people who have visited your page before. This is a great way to say “You didn’t buy XYZ but here’s a free gift for you” and then give them the option to sign up for the lead magnet. 


The entire point is to get them into your funnel so that you can nurture and build the relationship over time. When they see your amazing lead magnet they’re going to develop trust for you because they’ll see how high quality it is, and it’ll make them more likely to make a purchase from you later. 



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