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One thing that you must work on when creating lead magnets (and truly any product, blog post, or even email) is the TITLE


If your lead magnet titles need some work, you’ll want to read this carefully so that you can implement the tips and tricks to improve your titles.


The first thing your audience is going to see before they click through anywhere - in fact, the reason they will click -  is the title.

A good title captures attention, incites curiosity, and tells what they’re going to see without tricking or being click bait. 

Avoid clickbait or you'll train your audience to disregard anything you say because they don’t believe you anymore

They might click a few times, but if what they click through to see is always opposite of what your title implied, or just plain wrong they’ll stop clicking and ignore you.



A good title will help your audience predict what’s in the content, catches their attention, implies the tone of what they’re going to read, and has keywords that make it easy for your ideal audience to find and locate when they search online for it.


  • Take the Title from a Line Inside – Depending on the form of the product you’re promoting with your lead magnet the perfect title might already be mentioned inside the product. It’s not uncommon for a single sentence from an entire book to wind up as the title.


  • Answer the Questions: Who, What, When, Where, or Why – You don’t need to answer all of these questions at once in a title, but you can answer one of them. That will help your audience understand what’s going to be coming to them just from the title. 


  • Write the Title as a Question – A great way to make a title for anything you create is to ask a question and make that the title. Assuming your lead magnet answers the question, of course. Titles that are questions are very popular because they really work.


  • Use Your Senses – If your product is something involving your senses use those to make the title more compelling. For example, if you are marketing a diet plan using taste as an important point in the title for the lead magnet will be helpful.  


  • Use Action Verbs in Your Title – This is a good way to get your reader’s attention. Making Money, Creating Courses, Earning Money, Saving Time and so forth all work well for titles and help explain what’s inside your lead magnet and what it will show or teach.


  • Keep it Simple – Don’t try to be clever with your titles. Simple and direct works a lot better than trying to make puns and be clever like in the old days of print news. Instead, just be straightforward and simple about the titles you create and make every word count.


  • Focus on Benefits – When a lead magnet itself has a lot of benefits focus on that for your title. For example, if you’re a service-based provider that helps people market on social media you might want to write a lead magnet called: Benefits of Using Social Media Marketing. 


  • Tell them “how to” – Anytime you can add a “How To” to any title it’s going to help people want to download it more. People love knowing how to do things themselves even if they’re not going to ultimately do it themselves. 

  • Create Lists with Numbers – Titles with numbers that suggest a list help get attention too. 9 Reasons to ____, 11 Ways to ____, 101 Power Words to Use are all great ways to get your audience’s attention if you have found something they really care about. 


To create better titles, it’s important that you conduct testing.

The way to do this is to create two of the same lead magnets and give it different titles:

Don’t change anything else about the work only the title, not the font, not the color, or anything. That way you know which title works best and you can repeat it knowing what works best for your audience. 


Think now about the title of your lead magnet. Does it capture attention, incite curiosity, and tell them what they’re going to see inside?


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