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Make Your Lead Magnet Visually Appealing 


Even though most lead magnets are technically free you should still spend just as much effort on making it visually appealing as you would any paid product.

It should be pleasing to look at, easy to read or hear, and definitely very easy on the eyes while also including your branding so that there is no mistake about who the lead magnet is from when they’re looking at it later. 


  • Grab Their Attention – A good cover along with the title will grab your audience’s attention and help the entire story make sense to them. Any cover should have a layout that is conducive to reading easily and quickly so that it’s understood what’s inside at a glance. 


  • Gain Their Trust – When a lead magnet looks good, inside and outside, it helps build trust. The reason it helps build trust is that it looks professional and demonstrates that you care about your products and your customers whether they downloaded something free or not. This will help them know that your paid products are also very valuable. 


  • People Buy by The Cover – The truth is that most people either buy things based on the cover or packaging and looks if they don’t have any other information about the product. Even if they do have other information if the outside looks poorly designed, cheap, or unprofessional they may still not buy or download even if their best friend told them it was awesome. 


  • The Inside Counts Too – Not only does your cover count, but how things are formatted inside the free product matters too. You must work within the delivery method you’re using, but within whatever format that happens to be in you should be able to design the inside in a way that is appealing to your audience and represents your brand.


  • Landing Page & Opt-in Form Optics – Before they even download the lead magnet they’ll see a landing page and/or an opt-in form. That should also be made with the utmost care to appearances. How this is set up matters because if it’s clunky or unattractive people may click away. It’s easy to create amazing and effective landing pages and opt-in forms using software like


  • Hire a Graphic Designer – If you don’t know how to lay things out properly, format things properly, or are having issues trying to do it yourself don’t be afraid to hire a graphic designer to help. It’s going to be worth it to get a true professional to help you with this aspect of your lead magnet promotion. No matter where you hire someone, be sure to see samples of their work. Choose someone who has a design aesthetic that you like but that has proven results too.  


  • Let Your Audience Help – Once you have a couple of ideas for covers and designs for your lead magnets you should conduct a poll with your current audience. Ask them which they like better. That’s a great way to finalize a design idea because these are already your customers and it’s likely that others will enjoy the design too if they do. 


Branding, whether you’re giving away a lead magnet or selling a product it’s imperative that you think about how things look. How they look can signify professionalism, and understanding of your audience, and help build trust just as much as the content inside. If your visuals aren’t up to par with what your audience is expecting they might not even consume what you’ve created therefor not receiving any of the benefits. Whether we like it or not books (and all products) are indeed judged by their covers.


How can you make your freebie even better looking than it is now?

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