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The best marketers use testing and tracking to find the most effective lead magnets. You’ll want to test title ideas, images, opt-in copy, as well as various types of lead magnets until you discover the secret sauce for your audience that converts the highest for each funnel and traffic source that works practically on automatic. 


  • Test New Titles – Each time you create a new lead magnet it’s important to test out at least two different titles in your promotion. When one converts at the rate you want, get rid of the other and try another title if you want to or move on to testing other aspects of the lead magnet. 


  • Try Different Images – Images really do matter a lot when it comes to creating the right mood for your audience as they choose whether to download a lead magnet or not. Not only the cover image but the images used on the sales page or opt-in forms all matter. 


  • Change the Copy – You have copy on your sales page, on your opt-in forms, the blurbs you put on social media, and more. Working on perfecting any copy you write is important to increase conversion rates. The trick is to change only one thing at a time. 


  • Try Different Formats – Some people prefer lead magnets in PDF form, but other people prefer them in other formats like video. Try creating the same lead magnet in at least two formats to test out on your audience what they like most and what will convert at a higher rate. 


  • Create Entirely Different Lead Magnets – You may want to try creating two different ideas for lead magnets for your audience. Perhaps you may want to write about the 10 Myths of Social Media Marketing as well as the 10 Advantages of Social Media Marketing to find out which will convert at a higher rate for your audience. 


  • Target Different Audience Segments – Everyone has an ideal audience but within that ideal audience, there may be several subsets of that audience that makes up a large percentage of the audience. If that’s your situation, make different lead magnets for each subset of your audience. 


  • Change Up the Process – Today there are a variety of ways to present a lead magnet. Try different ways of using social media to promote it, to change the check out procedure. Some autoresponder software, for example, allows you to make an opt-in form that will get them on your list and deliver the lead magnet immediately without them having to wait for an email. 


  • One Thing at A Time – Don’t try to change everything when you conduct testing. It’s true you can do A, B, C, and D testing, by testing four titles at once, but you don’t want to compare a title change to a color change on a cover. Compare apples to apples to get the best results. 


When you find a process that is working to convert people at a rate you’re comfortable with letting it ride until it slows down (and it will eventually) then shake it up again by repeating the entire process to get back up to the conversion rate that you desire and are happy with.


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