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We have covered a lot in the last 29 days, let’s take a quick walkthrough of everything you’ve learned. 

Here’s a quick rundown: 

  1. Your List Will Lay You Golden Eggs
  2. The Three Hearts Of A Lead Magnet
  3. Monetize Your Magnet
  4. Inside Their Mind
  5. Where's The Blood Dripping From?
  6. Lead Magnets That Work
  7. Show Them The Way
  8. How To Put Offers In Your Lead Magnet
  9. What's The Point?
  10. How Do I Monetize A Lead Magnet That Isn't A PDF?
  11. A Fling Or Is This Serious?
  12. Weaving In Your Offers 
  13. A Resource Page To End Confusion
  14. Magnetizing Your Freebie So It's Irresistible
  15. Double (and Triple and...) Their Pleasure
  16. An Army To Spread The Word
  17. Test And Perfect Your Monetized Funnel
  18. Customize Your Lead Magnets For Different Traffic Sources
  19. Adding Amazing Value By Promoting Products and Services
  20. Nothing But Net...
  21. A Super (Simple) Magnet
  22. The Intimate Relationship Between Your Lead Magnet And Sales Page
  23. How To Convince The Internal 'No'
  24. Just One Sweet Taste
  25. Does Your Title Strike Them Like A Wet Noodle?
  26. The Way To Their Hearts Is Through Their Eyes
  27. Time To Test
  28. How Do You Know If Your Magnet Even Works?
  29. Remember, We’re In A Relationship Now


Each of these posts will help you create better lead magnets that are going to be really effective in helping you reach your goals. 

I’m super curious about what part of the last 29 days has had the most impact on you?

What ideas have you put into practice, and from those which have been the most effective?

Please save this page so that you can come back to these posts again if you need any reminders of how to best use lead magnets, how to monetize them, and to remind yourself about the importance of follow up and to get more ideas as you work through implementing each idea. 

Take some time to reflect on not only how far you’ve come, but more importantly how this simple 30-day challenge has influenced you and changed you for the better.

What positive experiences have you had because of the '30 Days Of Creating Lead Magnets That Mesmerize'  Challenge?


 Contact me personally and let me know or leave a comment below.


Now… Are you ready for next month’s 30 Day Challenge?

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