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Lead magnets are great for a variety of reasons:

  • You can get more traffic due to marketing the lead magnet
  • Build your list due to people downloading the lead magnet
  • Build trust because you solved one of their problems.


A lead magnet does very well is helping to build trust between you and your ideal audience because it provides proof to the new customer that you are an expert in your area.

When your lead magnet is:

  • Useful
  • Solves a problem
  • Easy to implement

...then they’re going to be so happy with it and much more likely to want to interact with you in other ways, to buy more from you, and to trust your recommendations.


Lead Magnets That Get Results:

  • Are Useful – You must know who your audience is in order to create a lead magnet or any type of product for them. If you don’t take the time to study them you’re making a big mistake. Even if you’re part of your own audience you still need to do the research. The research will show you what your audience really needs from you.
  • Solve a Problem – The best lead magnets solve one problem in a very simple way. Your audience who downloads it should be able to digest the information quickly and implement the actions easily and see some results fast.
  • Are Easy to Access—Remember that you can always get more information later as your audience starts trusting you more. Start by asking for a first name and email at the most in order to access your lead magnets unless you have a truly compelling reason to do otherwise.
  • Provide Actionable Steps – The best lead magnets also have actionable steps that are easy to understand and follow. It helps to include a checklist based on the lead magnet or at least a closing “what to do now” section to help them implement better.
  • Prove Your Expertise – When you solve a problem for your audience they will begin to see you as an expert in that area. They’re going to start trusting you even more for any type of information you have to provide within that niche. That’s why it’s important to choose an audience and a niche to fill for that audience. 


When you make your lead magnet useful - help them overcome one of their pain points, giving them step by step instructions to do it, you’re going to accomplish other goals too:

  • You’re going to build trust with your audience...
  • Which is going to make them that much more likely to open your emails and take the offers you send their way...
  • They'll see how easy it is to do what you said would help them...
  • They’ll be more likely to do it...
  • Then when it works they’ll be more likely to trust your ideas in the future...
  • They’ll look forward to getting your email messages and trying all your recommendations.


When you make the lead magnet super focused it really works because you can always market the next steps to the people who downloaded the first step in the form of a lead magnet. 


Ok. Time to make sure your lead magnet has these great qualities.


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