Learn Your Tribes Unique Language

When you want to be a leader in a certain niche it’s important to learn the special terms and words that your potential clients and customers use.

For example, in the internet marketing space, the words used are things like “CTA” or call to action, target audience, lists, keywords and so forth. But every single niche has its own terms that are used to describe feelings and activities.

There are ways that you can learn your niche’s special vocabulary if you want to be able to connect with your audience better.


Take the Time to Get to Know Your Ideal Client – Before you start marketing to them you need to really take the time to get to know them. Listen to their concerns. Notice how they talk about their complaints. Notice how they celebrate the joy and what causes them to celebrate.


Observe Them in Their Natural Environment – This sounds like your audience isn’t real but that’s not what is meant. What is meant by this is that you should know the real person who is your client based on their behavior when they are being themselves. Everyone has a space where they feel as if they can be real and that’s where you want to be with them.


Interact with Them & Research Them – The best way to interact with them is where they like to be themselves. You can keep notes of the questions they ask, the answers they give each other, the way they interact in the environment. Use this information to help you formulate better content for your audience.


Focus on Their Needs – As you observe your audience, it’s important that you also focus on what it is that they need both spoken and unspoken. As you learn more about them focus on their needs and try to give them what they need. If they ask a question, answer the question in a blog post or Facebook Live.


Let Go of Formal & Technical Language – Using terminology that is too technical and formal can turn people off. It’s true that a group may use jargon among each other on a regular basis, but it can make people feel left out so try to use less formal language while also using the words that your audience will use to find you.


Develop Content to Help Your Audience – As you learn more about your audience, the content you create will be a lot more valuable and helpful. When you follow these tips, your content will speak to your audience in a way that really makes a difference.


When it comes to learning the words and language that your audience uses for the niche of interest to you it simply takes time. Time to get to know them, time for them to get to know you, and time for you to learn how to communicate with your tribe.

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