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Practice makes perfect‘.

We’ve heard that mantra since we were kids. But a better mantra may be, ‘embody persistence’. That is the key to master anything.


You can practice something on occasion and not get very good at whatever you are doing. On the other hand, persistence will always deliver results.


Persistence means firmly continuing in a course of action in spite of difficulty or opposition. This quality is key to achieving anything you want in life.
Eye on the prize. Doing whatever it takes until it takes. Period.


But, even with good intentions, life gets the best of us a lot of the time. With all the modern-day distractions… video games, the internet, television, just all the fun stuff we fill our lives with, or all the time we waste doing things we really don’t want to do with people we really don’t want to be doing them with, it can be a difficult proposition to keep focused on persistence.


We must choose how to spend our life resources – our life time. Stop wasting it on petty things. Make a commitment to ourselves.


Putting aside all the time-wasting distractions in favor of determination to achieve our goals will free us to fill our lives with things that are meaningful, master something we have dreamed of, and to accomplish what we want for our future.


Persistently pursue your vision and cut out the distractions that do not get you closer to that vision.




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