Yesterday I told you my story of how other people's idea of what is right cost me personal freedom and how it was very likely happening to you too. It happens to all of us.

But with a little bit of honesty and self-reflection, we can make different choices, and 'choice' is what freedom really is.


We all seek personal freedom, but the sad truth is that not everyone is going to get it. In one form or another, we’re enslaved by our jobs, by our finances, by our health, by our family, and many other reasons.

We may not realize it, but the things we hold near and dear are often the factors that imprison us, preventing us from doing what we want to do in our life.


But what exactly is personal freedom?

  • You may say it’s the freedom to do whatever you want in life.

  • Some may say it’s the freedom to eat ice cream in the middle of the night without getting judged by others.

  • Others may say it’s financial independence – being wealthy enough to never have to go to work again.

  • Some may say it’s the freedom to come and go as they please without anyone stopping them.

You’re free to define your own meaning of personal freedom. It’s personal after all. However, let me be clear here:

Personal freedom still has boundaries.


You can’t go ‘borrowing’ someone else’s car without asking for permission simply because you’re ‘free’ to do what you want. You’re not free to enter other people’s houses and take whatever you can get your hands on.


As civilized people, we observe human rights and we respect freedom of speech.


A good rule of thumb is your freedom should not violate someone else's freedom.

Make sure you don’t go beyond your personal space. Recognize that you’re not always entitled to get what you think you deserve. No one owes you anything in life.

Personal freedom, for our purposes, is all about having the freedom to pursue your passion without infringing or stepping on other people’s rights.


It’s also important to mention here that being financially free is not necessary for someone to achieve personal freedom. You can be happy without being rich. Likewise, you can have all the money in the world but be neither happy nor free.


The next seven days we will discuss the 7 secrets to achieving personal freedom. Be sure to check them out.



What does Personal Freedom mean to you?

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