It Ain't Personal - Don't take comments to heart

Not taking things personally is the fifth secret of personal freedom.


When someone says something negative about us, we often take a defensive stance and react negatively. It is natural for us to want to protect ourselves.

Learning how to let criticisms and perceived slights towards you slide is probably easier said than done. But calm down and think for a moment:

Are you sure that the criticism was directed towards you?

Or are you just making an assumption?


Maybe the other person just mistook you for someone else. Maybe they are just venting. Perhaps it was directed at you but it was just a reaction to something else that is really bothering them.


Whatever the reason, you’ve got to learn to stop worrying about what other people think about you.

Don’t waste too much energy trying to come up with a good explanation for why someone would say something negative about you.

That's them.



Whether you deserve it or not, people are entitled to their opinion.

You can’t do anything about what goes on in their minds.

You can only change what you can control – you can help them reframe their opinion of you, or you can let it slide.

It is NOT personal.


When you don’t take things personally, you’re able to move and act freely.

You don’t particularly care about what other people think of you though, of course, you’re careful to live your life above reproach. Again, this is why living your life with integrity is important.


So, let other people's comments be just that.

Consider it as useful feedback if it is a genuine comment from someone you care about; perhaps they are having a bad day, are worried about something, or have a real complaint you need to work on in your reltionship.

Otherwise, it really is not about you. It is about them.


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