You Are Not Who You Think You Are


In yesterday’s post, we talked a bit about what it means to be free and why it is important.

Today, I want to dive a little deeper and talk more about living your life the way you wish, the definition of freedom.


Part of the reason you're not as free as you could be is that the past still has a chokehold on you. 

Other people and life experiences have shaped who you are.

The environment you were raised in (and currently are in) and the people you know molded your personality and outlook on life - often to the point that you learned to ignore your own wishes. 

It has left you invisibly shackled.


Tomorrow I will tell you a very personal story of how I have been impacted by this unseen captor. For now, just know in order to have true freedom and to be absolutely content with yourself, you must carve out your own truth.


It can be scary if all you’ve ever known is doing what other people told you, but you’ll never be truly happy until you pursue your own path. 

And, even if you are the undisputed, kick-ass leader of your own life there are still ways you are living caged by the past.

I promise you.


It’s impossible not to be influenced by others - especially when you’re young and still developing. You might have had a mean teacher who told you that you would never amount to anything, and those words might stick with you today. 


Maybe one or both of your parents placed expectations too high or too low for you. They might have told you that you have to be a doctor or a lawyer, and nothing else will do, or they may have told you that you might as well get comfortable working at Walmart because that’s all you’ll ever be good for. 

And you know what?

You either lived up to their prediction, or you did the exact opposite.  

Either way, it controlled your choices and path up until now.


Find the strength and the courage to reevaluate and dismiss these expectations. Discover who you really are.  What you genuinely believe. And what you truly stand for. None of these people telling you who you are and what you are capable of know a damn thing.

Only you can truly know yourself. 

No one else can live your life for you.


No matter how close you are, other people don’t know your inner story, they don’t know who you are in your mind, and they can’t make assumptions about your soul or purpose.


Be FULLY awake. Be scandalously HONEST with yourself.

Consider where you have been living 'little lies' in your life.


The Truth Will Set You Free


The Truth Will Set You Free


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