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How Would You Like To Work In a High Demand Field With Parents, Schools, or In the Community Teaching People How To Make Their Children Safe?

This is a Comprehensive and Completely Done-For-You Program That You Can Use In Your Own Business To Become an Authority in The Child Safety Niche.

Sell It As Your Own And Get Instant Credibility.



Why Should You Get This Ready to Go Authority Building Program Now?


  • Complete done-for-you and ready-to-sell-to-your-clients program focusing on teaching parents, families, schools, businesses, and community members how to keep kids safe in today's world.
  • You can teach this program or sell in your own coaching, wellness, consulting, teaching, training, or in any other kind of 'expert who helps others'-type business.


The main part of this program is made up of:

    • 1. Program Guide (about 65 pages)



    • 2. Cheat Sheet
    • 3. Mind Map
    • 4. Resources Sheet
    • 5. Do's and Do Not's Sheet
    • And 10 Training Videos professionally voiced (by Ready Blue) that you can use as the center of your program with your clients.





    • A turnkey sales video (featuring Ready Blue's voice).
    Watch it below to see the quality of this program and hear Ready Blue's deep voice.





      You also get:
      • A Fully Integrated Sales Funnel ready to be customized and uploaded in minutes so you can be making sales immediately

        The sales funnel includes:


          • Done-For-You Opt-In Report to give to prospects FREE in order to build your list

                • A Complete Sales Page (along with your new sales video!) to sell your safety program - waiting for your customizations


                • Plus the Three Legal Pages You Will Need
                  • Privacy Policy
                  • Terms of Service
                  • Disclaimer



                • Thank-You Page for when your clients purchase your new program. Ready to go.





              • 15 Articles on Child Saftey (actually 18) that you can use on your website, as handouts to clients in your physical program, as an email course, or bundle together for an additional Giveaway report for your potential customers and clients.



              • Plus, 5 emails that you can send to your people after they sign up for your free giveaway report.  This gives them time to get to know you and gives them a sample before they commit to purchasing your full child safety program.





                All the details are taken care of and waiting for your tiny tweaks

                • Also, Done-For-You Banners for web advertising

                • Lots of Graphic Images of the product (all on this page + many more) to help you entice your customers, professionally selling your new program



                • And 20 High-Quality Social Media Posts, totally done-for-you, that support this program that you can use in any way you wish.

                  Get this program NOW, put your name on it, and use with your clients one on one, or offer a community program to teach people all about child safety.


                  • Become the authority 
                  • Build your income quick
                  • Gain an incredible reputation as an expert

                    Don't waste any more time trying to do it yourself. 
                    EVERYTHING you need is ready to go!




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