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100 Goal Setting Social Images You Can Use!

Just .30 cents an image!


Setting Goals Can Easily Generate Loads of Passive Viral Traffic From Any Network For You!

 These ever-popular "social images" or "quote images" as they're commonly referred to, are by far one of the quickest ways to start generating viral traffic to anything you want. Even building a following.

So, all you really need then is the quote posters, and then a strategy for where and when you'll post these things.

The most valuable aspect of these images has to be that countless people will share them just because the quote or message applies to them at that moment, and so on.

More often than not, the person sharing the quote could care less who's posting it or where it originates. They simply share it because it communicates a message for them.

These quote images can range from flat and simple, all the way to professionally designed and eye-catching. Most important is that tons of marketers, just like you, have taken advantage of this "viral" posters sharing approach with this same strategy.

I could beat around the bush all day, but the reality is that..


These Quote Images Have The Potential To Generate TONS of Traffic On Autopilot!

It could be on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Blogs, or truly anywhere else.

When you post these quote images on any site and give them some tags, perhaps include a link to your site or product - you are planting an evergreen seed.

This powerful seed then has the potential to thrive as people see the quotes and share them again and again.

What this means is all of the hard work is being done for you, so you really just need one thing here...

... That thing is the "quote poster" images, based on a certain topic.

And, that's exactly why right now, today, you can gain access to ONE HUNDRED social posters with the editable (PSD) source files included.


Just have a look below at all of the posters that you will be receiving in this package... 


 Get 100 Goal Setting Social Images You Can Brand


  • 100 Unique Social Poster Images
  • Editable Source Files (PSD Format)
  • Fully Royalty-Free Background Photos
  • Just Add Your URL or Logo and Post
  • Generate Hordes of Viral Traffic
  • Create Passive Traffic Streams Anywhere



Save Yourself All The Work:


Of Finding Tons Of Quotes

While this may seem like a mindless and easy task, it can quickly become tiring and boring. Not to mention, finding 100 quotes or sayings related to one specific topic starts to get tricky after a while.

Of Acquiring Stock Photos

Whether you're going and grabbing some royalty-free images, or you're purchasing them with credits on a stock photo store, this costs either time or money.  We have the perfect images for each quote.

Of Designing In Photoshop

Perhaps the most difficult and expensive part of the process, we've hired some of the best graphic designers to create eye-catching top quality social posters and including the PSD files for each image.



What You Are Getting:


100 Inspirational Social Images

100 PSD Photoshop Source Files

100 Quotes In A Spreadsheet


Being able to go through these quotes in text form, and see who said what is going to be a big help in a lot of ways.

That's why you'll also receive all 100 of the quotes in a neat and organized spreadsheet file that you can easily open up and navigate to that quote.

This will allow you to post these elsewhere in text form, or do tons of other things with them.

Every quote in the posters is included in this detailed spreadsheet.  You can use this in any way that you'd like.


This Is An Easy Way To Generate Traffic!



Where To Use These:

  • Post them on social networks and drive traffic anywhere to any location
  • Share them on Pinterest to get viral exposure
  • Build a targeted following on Instagram around these topics
  • Use them in your blog posts to create buzz and conversation around the subject
  • Generate a viral buzz on Facebook
  • Make blog posts for inspiration with them
  • Create a dedicated following on Twitter
  • Establish a social presence for clients and yourself
  • Use them for inspiration in your own business or for your own customers
  • Include an image in your newsletters
  • Share them everywhere you can

  • Tons Of Images / Quotes To Choose From
  • Eye Capturing Design And Styles For Each
  • Can Add Your Logo Or Brand Text Easily
  • Set Them On A Schedule And Automate Posting



Step 1: Choose One of The Images


There are 100 images to choose from, and they cover all sorts of quotes, sayings, and even statistics related to the main topic.  
 Meaning you should have no trouble finding more than a few "social posters" to fit your audience.



Step 2: Add Your Name / Website / URL / Etc.

Whether you have Adobe Photoshop (Paid) or GIMP (Free).

You can easily add your name, website title, brand logo, or URL to any of these quote images.  Heck, you can even use an online image editor if you'd like to do it that way. Or you can skip it!




Step 3: Post It On Any Site Or Anywhere You Want

This is perhaps the easiest step of the process.  

 All you have to do is venture out to one of the many websites populated by people that will share your image.  Simply post your quote image, add some relevant tags, add a link to your site, and enjoy.








  • Q: What file formats are included?

You will receive PNG files for the actual social poster images themselves.  Additionally, you'll receive the PSD Photoshop source files for each of the social posters as well, so that you can easily edit them.


  • Q: Can I edit or change these posters?

Yes, you are permitted to modify these images in any way you see fit, whether by using the PSD files or not.


  • Q: Where can I post these images?

There's really no limit to where you can post them, examples are Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.


  • Q: Are the photos used royalty-free?

Yes, the images used in this entire package for the backgrounds or any icons, are indeed royalty-free or fully compensated for.  Guaranteed!




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